Arf a shekel for a fat bastard Guv?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by filthyphil, Mar 8, 2013.

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  1. fat beggar1.JPG Pitt St Sydney, the scene of a heartwarming tale of one woman's triumph over anorexia. Post your unconvincing beggar pics here.
  2. I would.

    Like a sex starved koala slavering over a freshly picked pile of eucalyptus leaves.....
  3. I give her top marks for spelling, but sadly only 3 out of 10 for penmanship. At least she is almost at the right height to lick the rivulets of sweat from my hairy taddie-factory. Then, and ONLY then, I may choose to toss the poor wench a coin of copper.
  4. What's her going rate, and does she charge extra for anal?
  5. Because she is destitute, you could name your own price. From destitute to prostitute in the blink of an eye. (Jap eye?)
  6. I'll pay her bus fare after I've given her the most awkward 9.46 seconds of her life.
  7. If it's a spit roast you fancy, you could do worse than the soft, compliant mouth and fragrant anus of this gentleman of the road. Just watch you don't dangle your bollocks in his coffee.
  8. I think it's one of the Indian contingent on a day off from the call centre.

    By the way, filthyphil, do you hav alot of pictures of 'street' people? I only ask as I have never felt the need to photograph any and perhaps I'm missing something.
  9. Fucking hell they want putting through a sheep dip before they're fit for human shagging, smelly cunts.
  10. Are those the financial pages he's studying?
    Things must be hard in the square mile.
  11. I see they've closed down Prisoner Cell Block H and let them roam wild.
  12. It's like train-spotting but not as weird. Sydney is full of the cunts.
  13. You can use them to make a deck of "Top Tramps" cards as well, which are far more amusing than comparing dull stats on battleships and DAF trucks