Aren't Mums Great

Two kids playing upstairs in their bedroom one Saturday morning before breakfast. The 7 year old says to his 4 year old brother, "You know what, I think we should start swearing. Dad swears a lot so I think we should as well. Tell you what, when we go down for breakfast I'll start first and you go second."

The 4 year old nods and says, "Okay"

They both go downstairs and sit at the breakfast table. The mum comes in and says to the 7 year old, " What do you want for breakfast?"

The kid says, " Coco Pops ya fuckin bitch!!"

The mum whacks the kid so hard he flies across the room and is lying in a heap bawling his eyes out.

The mum looks at the 4 year old sternly and says, "What do you want for breakfast?"

The kid says, "Dunno, but it's definitely not fuckin Coco Pops"

Is it that time already...
Being helpful:
Apostrophe Rules

Apostrophe Rule for Contractions
There's really only one rule for apostrophes and contractions, aside from careful placement:
1. When you combine two words to make a contraction, you will always take out some letters. In their place, use an apostrophe.

they + have = they've;
are + not = aren't;
they + will = they'll


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