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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by VarSity, Aug 26, 2008.

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  1. Whilst I am sure this stands a good chance of turning into a thread full of half abuse and the other half mick taking I have a question.

    When/if I manage to get past my Int Corps interview (should be coming up in two or three weeks so I am told), and assuming I pass Phase two, I expect I will get posted to a Regiment in fairly quick time, and start working in my Int team (Can I get away with calling this a Cell, because it sounds rather cool?!) :wink:

    When in these ‘cells’ do individuals get a set area of expertise to bone up on? Say for example small arms, or armour tactics? Whilst im sure everyone develops a general understanding of most areas I quite like the idea of getting a set field to really study.

    Was just wondering if that’s how it works, and if so what sort of fields are looked at.

    I know you lot are always very tight lipped but I can’t help it if I am inquisitive! Any info people can give would be greatly appreciated. :)
  2. you bet!

    you watch way too much TV and the reality of it all is going to hit you quite hard.
  3. Your primary task has already been established, your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to locate Osama Bin Laden. Well, it's either that or make the tea, wash the cars, clean the weapons. You choose.
  4. He lives 43 Tudor road, Leicester.
  5. Too much TV? I don’t think I Int work is overly glamorous, I am sure its 90% report writing and 10% tea making, was just wondering if individuals usually have their own specialty areas.

    Seems like a fairly natural way to work, but them I am on the outside looking in.
  6. Well it looks like you'll be making the tea, washing the cars, cleaning the weapons and being deployed to Afghanistan then.
  7. Good, I need to top up my tan :D
  8. i think as a lance-jack you will find it is the other way round - 90% tea making, 10% other stuff. in an int section, your chosen specialised subject will be from the following:

    a) sticking maps together ("smudge you wanker, the gridlines don't match up! and yes, i'm pretty fucking certain that salisbury is not north of warminster")

    b) answering the field telephone ("shit, who was that i was just talking to, 12 bde or 19 bde? ah it can't matter that much... desant landing at... what grid did they say? ah just make it up, sure it won't affect the div plan.")

    c) keeping the radio log ("i've not got a fucking clue what that last sighting report said, i'll just put it down as '3 x bums and a tea tray'")

    d) copying the enemy stickies from your G2 map onto the G3 birdtable ("oh for fucks sake dave, that's probably close enough, put it there. not like anybody will notice and the shift change brief is in ten minutes.")

    e) making tea for the extremely important, extremely busy SO2 / SO3 G2 ("oh corporal ermm... erm... corporal, would you mind terribly making me a cup of tea? of course it's okay to leave that radio unmanned for five minutes... mmm thank you... corporal! what's all this shouting on the net!?!?! i don't care who told you to leave the radio unattended!")

    f) making up the sticky books after exercise ("for fucks sake, four A levels and an honours degree and i'm cutting out bits of plastic and sticky tape like a blue peter presenter...")

    g) cleaning maps ("you'd think they would pay for some fucking white spirit or something but ohhhhhhhh no, they give us a tiny fucking chemical rubber to erase permanent pen from 15 square meters of talc.")

    h) cam net folding ("no don't put it there, you've got it tangled up in... no left a bit! you useless twat, it goes the other way. and pull those twigs off. newbie! why you pulling those bits of plastic leaf off, they are SUPPOSED to be attached you fucking mong!!")

    i) land rover washing ("trust me mate, nobody will know if we just stick it through the motorway services car wash. oh bollocks! the antennae!!! shit!!! how do you unravel a cam net from a carwash roller brush?!?!?")

    and if you're really lucky with your SO2 G2...

    j) writing his entire G2 brief for the GOC's orders in BATUS, 3 months out of the factory, because you have more of an idea of what's going on than he does - only for him to take all the glory ("thank you General! far better than my usual standard of assessment? jolly kind of you to say so General, i really think i'm getting the hang of this!")

    Ed, i'm sure you can't guess which SO2 that was!

    anyway, hope that helps :)
  9. Nothing wrong with any of that, I've got away with it for 30 odd years.
  10. Sounds amazing fun!
  11. CR, I don't recall you ever being in the same section as me, how did you hear about all that?
  12. it's uncanny, isn't it? :)
  13. Cells, fecking Cells :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

    We work in sections, not cells. Int Cells are found at BG level FFS.

    Varsity, just concentrate on getting in to the Corps. Don't try and run before you can walk. Having too much (perceived) understanding may not actually help you through your phase 2. Although your enthusiasm is commendable, too much knowledge at this stage may not be a good thing. My advice is to gen up on Corps history (What we have of it) and structure to impress at your interview, but forget about what you will be doing day to day for now.
  14. I used to look after the section stores...I had a nice cosy store to hide in where the Section OC couldn't find me...

    ...and washing the section Land Rover on a sunny day was a pleasant way to pass an hour.


  15. That's all very 70's, CR. I thought you used those swish toughened laptops, Blackberries and Google Earth now. I bet you haven't as many map-cutter's scars as I have.

    (I've still got a load of top-class Letraset if you need it, mind. V. cheap to you.)