I have just been on the plain using the new AWES system which I thought was the dogs knob. Some of my mates wern't convinced but I think that was cos they didn't know how to use the kit properly.
Any comments?
Yes I have to agree its the dogs k..b. Seen it in Batus and on the Plain. Its a pity we don't buy more of it so that the rempfs can all be kitted out with it. The ARRs that they produce are brill. Have any of you heard the Polish analyst at Westdown....ALPHA 1 I think.....boy does he have a language of his own.
Blinding bit of kit, I used a while back. I was F6 one of the Fire Marker Teams, What a giggle, one of the best three weeks spent in the army in recent years. Just drove around the plain with the OS RSM's words ringing in our ears "You have two minutes to get to an eight figure grid anywhere on the plain, but don't break the speed limit!" Of course we didn't.

It used to spoil a OPs day when we would come screaming across the plain, rock up at their location and start throwing pyro around as the vests start to go off!! The amount of young officers that used to come out of the bushes whinging "But you can't have seen us" well clearly the enemy FOO did you beefer!!!!

I seem to remember there was a fairly high accident rate amongst the FMT. Blow outs and small dents and stuff, but driving up the Berril Vally at night on NVG following some guys from 7RHA their convoy light just disappeared, yep straight off the edge of the bank and rolled in to the marsh near the river at X point 2, both guys were ok, trashed the truck. I stopped to pick them up and load their ammunition on my truck, when a civvy landrover pulls up, its the Colonel from BGTU who saw the whole think with his gucci NVG.

Only downside is the GPS tracking system, good for AAR, unless the CO says I didn't realise there was a Rebro site in Netheravon!!!! Oops! :lol:


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I was part of the team who trialled it and have seen all of its incarnations to the present system. It is very good, exactly what we need and the only thing that would make it more realistic is the real thing.

One must accept that you can't get a visual effect (statement of the obvious yes but that still did not stop a certain cav CO from saying it!), however, the only flaw is that the effects warning range could be increased. 2km away is not far enough, you know when arty is coming down and from real life experience you know that you can work out where it is landing at least 5kms away.

All in all though, great stuff.

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