Are Your Meatheads As Dim As Ours?

Back in May 03, a soldier at one of our bases disappeared. The unit marked him as AWOL and the MPs were despatched to search the base, including all the empty Private Married Quarters. After searching, no sign of him was found. He was eventually listed as a deserter and struck off strength.

There matters stood until last month when a work crew went to one of the PMQs that had been searched previously. They were there to relocate the garage tht was part of the PMQ. Lo and behold, they found the missing soldier's car in the vacant garage. And, strangely enough, they found the decomposed body of the missing soldier in the vehicle. It would seem that the soldier had gassed himself back in May 03.

When asked how such a thing could have been overlooked despite an "intensive" search of the base when the soldier was reported missing, the Base Public Affairs Officer responded that "No one thought to look in the garage. If anything like this happens again, people will check the garages, too". Well, I'll strike my garage off my list of hiding spots for when I go over the hill. And, I'm sure that the soldier's family feels ever so much better now that after 16 months their son's body has been found.

I smell a bit of bullshit, but would be interested to get further details.
Ah, healthy skepticism, eh? Fair enough. The following article appears in the 27 Oct 04 edition of the Edmonton Sun. I can't find a link to an e-version, however this article has also been released by DGPA (Director General Public Affairs)


A closer eye will be kept on vacant homes at <4> <Wing> Cold Lake after the body of a man who vanished in May 2003 was discovered last month.

The body of 44-year-old Ken Mack was found in the garage of an empty house on Sept. 14.

"The house was checked when he was reported missing, but no one thought to look in the garage," said <4> <Wing> spokesman Capt. Richard Langlois.

"If anything like this happens again, people will check the garages too."

Langlois said the body was found by contractors who had come to move the garage to another location.

Mack had been working on helping close up some of the married quarters on the base when he disappeared.

RCMP say foul play is not suspected.

A final cause of death will depend on toxicology results but initial indications are that Mack died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

His vehicle was also found in the garage.

End Quote

I'll poke around and see if I can come up with a link to an online version.
Being a "meathead" myself, I can help but chuckle that they probably bluffed there case when it came to the search.
Was called to an unfortunate incident last year, a 19 year old private hung himself in a drying room, horrible and really sad.
The thing was his block senior got in shit for not inspecting the block jobs!! If he had of, they would have found the body two hours earlier!!
Now thats Army logic!
Most of our MPs are pretty good types, and work hard at their jobs. But, like anyone else they get complacent and occasionally screw the pooch on a job.

A few years ago, I was posted in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The Junior Ranks' Mess was having a "Bosses Night" and all were having a very good time. At some point, one of the base meatheads and an airframe technician decided a great way to get more money for drinks through the evening would be to rob a place. The took the meathead's 9mm Browning, his ASP baton and went off to a pizza place a few blocks a way. They went in the front, screaming, shouting and slurring and ordered the cashier to empty the till and to open the safe. She had quite a time explaining to them that they didn't have a safe. While this was going on, the cook scarpered out the back and dashed across the street - to a donut shop. Strangely enough, 5 city police officers were there in the donut shop and hopped over to the pizza place. The two thuds from the base were captured without further incident and with the massive haul of $28.00.

They ended up with just over two years each in the crowbar hotel and were cashiered. Didn't even get to keep the $28.00.
I believe it.

They've been especially bad since they stuck those red caps (and berets) on them, which, despite what they said when they adopted them, are not historically Canadian Army Provost items

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