Are you wannabe, will-be, still-are or has-been?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by overpromoted, Aug 10, 2009.

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  1. I have yet to attend the Briefing

  2. I've done the Briefing, yet to attend Main Board

  3. I've failed the Main Board once; will try again

  4. I've passed Main Board and will be going to Sandhurst

  5. I am at Sandhurst

  6. I'm a serving officer

  7. I'm a retired officer

  8. I'm not serving. I can't (or won't) go to Sandhurst

  9. None of the above

  1. When it was first suggested that there should be a subforum for officer recruiting, one of the complaints was that none of the serving officers would venture in here and the forum would be full of wannabe's offering spurious advice to each other. So, I was curious as to how this had panned out in practice. If you could all put in an honest answer (it's anonymous, after all) I'd be grateful.

    I should point out this is only to satisfy my idle curiosity; there's no agenda behind starting this thread.

    First go at doing a poll, be nice.
  2. Serving
  3. On my way to Amarillo... er um or Sandhurst maps not a strongpoint you know
  4. Passed main board... sandhurst once my degree's finito :)
  5. Main Board looming.
  6. Same here still waiting on a date, going to be late Sept. early Oct. yourself?
  7. Got my regimental interviews coming up followed by Briefing hopefully end of this year/beginning of next
  8. Why don't you get the Briefing on the go now? And do FAM visits in between whenever?
  9. On my way to sandhurst May 2010 :D.
  10. Briefing 12th October.
  11. I'm surprised by the number of serving officers on this board - it's more than I was expecting. Slightly more surprised that there isn't a single Sandhurst cadet so far. I suppose they're all too busy.
  12. Briefing 24-25 Aug
  13. The sandhurst cadets should not be that busy. They are on leave. Although most might be doing at
  14. Make sure you say hello!
  15. Main Board in September.

    Leetle bit nervous...