Are you turning into a Nancy?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Achmed, Jul 20, 2008.

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  1. As a man of the 80's my basic stuff comprised of Cheap Naafi shaving foam, cheap razor blades, brut 33, armpit stuff, lynx body wash... I was then set up for "on the Pull"

    I went shopping last night to get some personal admin kit and was horrified to find that I use Gillete quatro, hugo boss under arm stuff including body wash and associated range, skin conditioning shaving gel and it me or are you turning into a Nancy as well :oops:
  2. Nah... just u mate. Puff. :lol:
  3. Are you talking behind my back again?
  4. Just you it seems.
    Good luck with the "Back,Sac and Crack".
  5. Hugo Boss is hardly breaking the bank is it? That's a bit like, "I used to shop at Sainsburys but now shop at Tescos". No underarm dewhiffer can take away that stale armpit smell when I'm knocking one out.
  6. As a man of the 80's also, what's wrong with deepeo and buttermilk soap as issued? You obviously get paid too much - i need all my wonga to fund my 1980's style drinking habit!
  7. does it still come with its own pubic hair?
  8. Achmed, regretfully I have to say that you are 'on the turn' and will soon be a fully fledged cottager. Real men still wear Brut , their apprentices hai Karate, and they drink Watneys Red Barrell. None of these was mentioned in you original post. Vaseline on the shopping list for you.
  9. Only Vaseline intensive after I get my back waxed!! the birds love a smooth back... :roll:
  10. It isn't just you Achmed...I am a recent convert to Bulldog products and this very day I used a face scrub, a face-wash, a body wash and a shaving balm. I also moisturized...

    I was then appalled to discover that my Sunday Telegraph was missing my Westside Story although it isn't just you I fear we could be on a slippery slope here! Are you could with colours yet?
  11. No, no colours yet......I am sure most Arrsers are not out of the Grooming closet yet!

    No! not that sort of grooming
  12. I am a long way from pushing it up two week's...however doing bird up the wrong un is acceptable.

    What moisturizer do you use?
  13. Carbolic and a safety razor with blades in waxed paper plus a gillette shave stick and I'm good to go.

    I'm afraid you are beyond saving. You'll be exfoliating next (whatever that is)
  14. msr

    msr LE

    Did you top this off with a tight, white t-shirt?