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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by halomonkey, Nov 10, 2007.

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  1. Today I met an ACF Officer,he was taking part in the poppy collections. He had with him several AIs and obviously quite a few cadets. Although I only spoke to him for a few minutes and nothing shone through to say he is a man of exceptional talents, he must be. With the exception of only one or two of his cadets every person in his command seemed to want to be this man. They had all modelled themselves on him.
    He and and his AIs had all turned up in civvies. They had all chosen to dress as he had, as scruffy and with as little pride in themselves as possible. Jeans, trainers, DPM jackets, working boots etc were the order of the day. They were in civvies, apparently, so that they could 'sneak up on the cadets to make sure they were behaving'. Not sure how that went, as I was in the town for a couple of hours and the only time I saw the AIs they were walking around in a gang, looking like something off the local council estate(no offence to those decent people on the estate)
    Which leads us nicely on to his group of cadets. Kids who obviously think that this man is someone to aspire to be. They too were a scruffy, dirty looking bunch. Their uniforms didn't fit well, their hair was a mess and one girl had nails so dirty she looked as if she had been digging potatoes up. Oh and let's not forget her chipped, half worn away bright pink nail polish. They stood around in the town with hands in pockets, head-dress an optional extra, leaning against walls.
    However i do not blame this on the cadets, they gave their time and stood out there in the freezing cold for a good cause. It is not their fault that the man leading them is a lazy, fat, scruffy git. Nor is it their fault that their AIs were too fat and lazy to put on a uniform, stand in the cold with them and lead by example
    So if you are that officer , well done to you, you have managed to create them in your image. It is a shame that your image is that of a fat, scruffy, lazy git, who cannot even be bothered to put his uniform on .

    There were a couple of exceptions, a couple of lads who , against all odds, had made the effort to look smart. Well done those lads, you deserve so much better.
  2. Did he have a scouse accent? It could have been Semper....'s in the cadets.
  3. Name and shame! Locations etc
  4. The only way things can change is if you name the area. When I was Recruiting I had loads of phone calls in the ACIO about soldiers and SNCO's behaviour and attire around the town and county. Every time we invetigated it turned out to be different Cadet detachments. After having words with the Det Commanders about being in th public eye and the public not realising if they were Regular soldiers or Cadet/AI's things changed for the better.

    Not having a go at all the Cadets as the majority have pride of there appearance but the Cadet Instructors and Det Commanders should know better.
  5. Sorry chaps, not naming and shaming as I will be volunteering in that location next year as a collector. However, I am sure he knows exactly who he is, as do the AIs.
  6. Mind you, in order to restore the clever/dumb balance in the world, the TS St Kitts Sea Cadet Corps collecting at Sainsburys in Bracknell today were exceptional, including their 2 AIs (or whatever the SCC equivalent is - help me out here :? ).

    Both AIs were very smart in the Naval equivalent of No2s (I think), one with South Atlantic/GRANBY medals and the other with QGJM/CFM; their cadets were equally smart, polite and courteous - ended up going back twice (second time with eldest daughter) and parting with about a tenner all told.

    Well done folks!

    :D :D
  7. I'm in the recruiting world at the moment and i tend to agree with you, we deal with alot of cadet units and unfortunately it seems to be the Army cadets that let themselves down. Where as the Air/Sea cadets seem to be spot on.
  8. As the chap in charge was an officer surely even naming the area would have no effect. However, as I am not au fait with the workings of the ACF, could someone tell me who might be next in the CoC above the chap that was there with them.I believe he was a Lt. Perhaps a phone call above his head might work.
    Your point of not knowing who they are is one I am well aware of, made even more obvious today as I overheard one member of the public saying to another 'oh they've got the soldiers out collecting today.' I only just managed to not rush over to her and set her straight on that misconception.
  9. I'm an acf AI and I can only apologise for this chaps poor representation of the ACF. I have no military background, but do my best to do weekends and keep my kit as smart as possible.

    I won't be able to make collecting or remembrance day as I've been on a waiting list for a long time and have just been in for an operation.
  10. Ok lads, im not after a witch hunt and know that the majority of AI's, cadets and the ACF officers do a great job, unfortunately your in the public eye and the minority can spoil things. Check pm Halomonkey
  11. Paulus, no apology needed :D One just hopes that he sees this thread and knows who he is, failing that those who aren't quite up to standard may read it and up their game,thinking it was them ;) Good luck on your recovery.
  12. Did you get her hitched? :D
  13. Its individuals like the ones aforementioned that let us all down, and earn us the lovely title of Walts, they should be pulled up.
    Saw some great evidence of it being done right today in a local town Adults and Cadets all correctly dressed and looking keen and smart.
  14. How do you know he was an officer, could have been an SI, SSI, SMI, RSMI
  15. I know he is an officer because he introduced himself as Lt Scruffylazygit. He was very pleased with himself for having been promoted in the last year from Sgt. He may be a 2Lt, I do not know enough about the ACF rank structure to ascertain whether he would immediately become a Lt on commission or if it would be 2Lt. His claims to be the officer in charge of the cadets was confirmed by the convener of the poppy collection.
    However, no matter what rank he is, there is no excuse for his turn out and the turn out of those he leads.

    Does this help narrow down who he is? I hope so and I hope he is bloody ashamed of himself.
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