Are you the marmite bandit?

Find Mr Marmite! Petrol station stops selling the spread after thief steals 18 jars in one month

The wanted man is shaven headed, of medium height - and might just betray an extremely pungent breath.

CCTV images show him sauntering calmly out of a petrol station with his stolen loot.

But the contents of his bag are very specific - he only ever steals Marmite.
Marmite thief

The thief can be seen holding a carrier bag full of Marmite as he leaves the W. Grose Shell Garage in Kingsthorpe, Northamptonshire

The raider has targeted a 24-hour petrol station four times in a month, each time clearing out its stock of the spread.

One day, when he left two jars behind, he came back for them the next night. In total, he stole 18 of the £2.79 jars over the month.

He has proven so persistent that station manager Jim Keary has stopped stocking the product.

Mr Keary, 54, who has run the W. Grose Shell Garage in Kingsthorpe, Northamptonshire, for 11 years, said: 'We have stopped selling Marmite now because of this.

'What's the point in selling something, if every time you stock it, it gets stolen?

'We can't work out why he was doing it. Maybe he's got a pregnant wife with really strong cravings. He knows what he wants - one night he took all but two jars then he came back for those the next night.

'Someone suggested that they might be hiding drugs in there. The Marmite would hide the smell.'

The thefts always occur at night, when the man could sneak in unnoticed by the two staff members on duty.

Mr Keary said their main problem was usually people driving off without paying for fuel, so he needed a different approach to clamp down on the mystery thief.

He added: 'At least we got some good CCTV footage. I've passed it on to the police now, so it's their job to catch him.'

'We keep a wall of pictures of people who have been caught stealing from the shop or in drive-offs from the CCTV.

'I do get a lot of laughs telling customers about the Marmite thief. I've certainly never heard of anything like it before.

'It is funny, but at the end of the day it affects other people. If people steal, then my bonus is affected.'


Excuse the interruption and I'm not hijacking your thread. Saw this in The Sun. Not ahem mine :wink: but the girlfriend's. Funny, and some light relief. Publicity stunt?

How does so much Marmite affect one's.. 8O "movements"... I wonder 8O

If anyone here had a food fetish, wonder what it'd be and how far would they be prepared to go?

Kudos to the OP for posting this news.
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