Are you smelly and ill-disciplined?

when he refers to "personal hygiene" he's probably referring to the fact that a lot of British soldiers keep their hair longer than Americans do (personal hygiene is a catch all phrase in the US military for anything an officer doesn't like about your person). its idiotic to criticize another cultures military over standards that don't impact combat effectiveness. as for the claim that the British Army doesn't spend enough time in country to effect the operating environment, the US marines routinely do 6 month deployments in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and no one raises any issues over that, despite that fact that the army routinely does 12-15 month rotations. this seems to be a report worked up by a staff weenie (the claims that it was issued by a "top commander" don't state that it was authored by a top commander) who was frustrated by the lack of results in Afghanistan, and was looking for somebody to blame besides US forces. while it's true that British forces are facing serious issues, no one i know questions the fitness or professionalism of British soldiers. so don't think that this is a widely held belief among American soldiers. in the words of one soldier: "they talk funny, and they drink tea like a bunch of fairies, but they know their s h i t"
Thank fcuk, I thought for a moment someone had seen my P-file.

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