Are you sick of the winter blues?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by EAGLE1, Jan 18, 2007.

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  1. dodgy link
  2. Yes yours works to-anyway as said 'Magic of morning'-there are no problems with it and set it at about five minutes or so. really sounds great.
    Let me know what you think.
  3. Andy, still using GSM (General Service Medal) as your post nominals I see!

    Why does my worksafe PC say that all of the above links are blocked because 'Sex is filtered'?
  4. Thanks this is so tranquil to listen to first thing in the morning
    After a night of stress :yawnstretch:
  5. Couldn’t get the lid off your ice cream again or did you nephew eat your favourite crayon?
    Lest we forget.
    :fish: Not today far to much to do and people to help.
    Don't apologise, just remember.
    Power corrupts-of that there is no doubt.
  7. Deleted

  8. Probably when he read this
  9. yes a tragic day, being there still doesnt entitle you to use your General Service Medal as a Post Noms or indeed call yourself decorated.
  10. My book is for the military. I hide nothing. They all know that many have died for that medal. I am very, very proud of mine. I have it mounted on the wall and I polish it now and then.

    I sell the majority of my books to service personnel. I hide nothing from them, yet they never write to me and say "why are you proud of your medal".
    The men who earned their medals 'posthumously' will have family who are very proud of their sons or daughters GSM medal. I know you would not deny them their pride-would you?

    It does not really matter what you say-I have earned mine and I shall remain proud of it. I would however like to draw your attention to the definition of the word 'decorated' as it is listed in the Collins, English Dictionary and Thesaurus containing 34,000 definitions and 75,000 Synonyms.

    Dec'orated:(Invested with medal etc).

    I do however find it very interesting that I have since appearing on this site received more harassement than the civvis.

    Ahhhhhh the band of Brothers. You are a moderator, I shall tread with stealth through 'your carefully placed and well hidden 'baited questions' and criticism-just as long as you know- I do not agree with you at all'.
  11. Im not baiting you at all, all I a saying is that the General Service Medal (GSM) shouldnt be used as post nominal letters, otherwise those of us with more than 1 medal would have post noms falling off the page.