Are you prepared for Armageddon? because these are

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by re-stilly, Nov 29, 2012.

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  1. I thought we were a bit more sensible over this side of the pond but clearly I was wrong.


  2. Has he got plenty of tin foil stored in his secret hideaway?
  3. He's not a relative of Fritzl is he?
  4. I like the chap with the NBC suit for stealth reasons.

    He appears to be practising a sort of verbal task 17...
  5. I like the lady who has included a teddy bear and what appears to be a green plastic picnic set in her survival gear.

    I'm sure she will be just fine...

  6. I have always scoffed at preppers and I find it hard to take anyone seriously who has dug themselves a hole somewhere out in the sticks that they can jump into at 5 minutes notice along with a truck load of automatic weapons.

    However, having been in Tokyo during last year's Tohoku earthquake, I learnt, firsthand, just how quickly the supply chain breaks down. In my area of central Tokyo convenience stores were stripped bare by the end of the afternoon. Bottled water was hard to come by for several days and, when limited supplies were restored, it was rationed. In larger supermarkets food supplies were very low by Sunday morning (The earthquake was on a Friday afternoon and central Tokyo is, relatively, sparsely populated at weekends compared to the suburbs) and staples, such as rice, had all but gone.

    We were lucky in that the Tokyo metropolitan area itself was, relatively, unscathed and services and supply lines were restored pretty quickly. However had the epicentre been closer things would likely have been far worse.

    The moral of the story is that, however safe and secure things seem to be, it only takes 48 hours, at most, of supply disruption to leave no food or water on the shelves in the shops so having a supply at home probably doesn't hurt. In a major city, where many people probably don't plan for emergencies, 72 hours of nothing on the shelves would probably cause serious unrest.
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  7. Well I personally think they are all feckin barking. What are they going to do when everybody else is dead and they are all that is left? You could not stockpile enough food to last for long and then what are you gonna do, eat each other. Endless nights of watching te........Hold up.
  8. Sounds like most of the TA!

  9. This chap obviously hasn't thought it through properly has he... Hertford is a natural fucking disaster - what a shit hole. Needs a large portion of instant sunshine to put that place right. County fucking town? Pah! Arrsehole of the developed world more like.
  10. It has long been said that every society is only three meals away from revolution.

    Or three meals away from savagery depending on which version you prefer.

    So if you are going to hoard stuff then make sure you keep it well hidden and tell no one about it.
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  11. Got half a room full of leftover French rat packs, 20 odd gallons of homebrew on the go, and a safe full of rifles, pistols, shotguns and ammo.

    That should hold me until the weekend....
  12. The trick is have enough weapons and chains to kill the strong and enslave the weak. Not horde bisto granules, frenchies mutard and branston pickle. Amateurs.Mwahahaha!