Are you posted to or from Cyprus

I dont know if this thread is allowed but I am posted back to UK soon and have been informed about a site called that allows you to sell and or buy for free all the stuff you dont need or wish to buy.

Buy or sell a swimming pool a car or just about anything absolutlely free. I dont have to stick posters up in the local shops, It has saved me a load hassle.

Simple answer is... a legit outfit would have approached the COs who would have done some checks and vouched for the site. A dubious site would have created a username and recommended the site as if they were a satisfied user.

How many times has jegg1979 used ARRSE? Once. Is forcesnoticeboards based in Cyprus? No, their address is a PO Box in Stockton. Is there a static contact phone number? No, it's a mobile.

The page has been set up by a marketing company that describes its clients as being "from huge national organisations right through to smaller regional firms." I'm guessing that well-meaning private individuals would be priced out of the market.

I'd like to be proven wrong, but doesn't the HIVE deal with stuff like this for nothing. The OP talks about "free" but the site says that after an unstipulated date there'll be a fee for items over £50 - presumably the "percentage" going to H4H won't go until this date... Hang on. A percentage of proceeds is also going to SSAFA... And they talk about support to NHS Direct, RBL and National Debt Line.
Sales & Wants via the intranet is the free service for forces personnel in Cyprus to erm what was it again????? oh yeah Sell and Buy unwanted stuff.

Wouldnt touch this advertised site with a barge pole :)
Kevin Pitt, Director:

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It is funny if you read it. The author says (when talking about the 'old' way of advertising.......The adverts themselves are rarely regulated and maintained, quite often written badly, missing crucial information, out of date........

She then writes.......within what used to be the NAFFI shops, are less than ideal

My question is, what is a NAFFI????

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