Are you planning on killing squirrels in the near future?

already posted and much discussed.

Love this quote:

Tom Blades, at the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, suggested people should take trapped squirrels to the RSPCA to dispose of since it is illegal to release the animals into the countryside.
But Tim Bonner, of the Countryside Alliance, said people in the countryside can be trusted to dispose of animals in the correct way as long as they are aware of the law.
Yes indeed, "**** 'em and eat 'em".
My greyhound does his best to kill the little buggers but it is surprising how fast a squirrel can run when he sees a 5 stone dog coming after him at 25+ mph...

What absolute balls. When we used to catch rats in a trap dropping the cage in a bucket of water was by far the quickest way of killing them. Should I have grappled them out of the cage to then bludgeon their brains out? Second or two in the bucket was much faster.
I beheaded a squirrel once for identification purposes. Unfortunately he was part of the Sqirriban and I was ordered home for denying his right to a proper burial.
RSPCA have become a bunch of "anthropomorphic" animal rights nutters, you dont hear them sqealing over the pain & suffering caused by "HALAL" slaughter, where an animal can take several minutes to die in agony after its throat has been cut! Scared of our beloved Muslims cutting their throats if they dare bleat about it!
I like this quote in the article :- "An air rifle or shotgun can also be used as long as the user is properly qualified"
Where the **** do you get an NVQ in "airgunnery" or "shotgun shooting" ?? Not seen adverts in the local adult education centers!?!
I think the local armed response teams would be hammering on your door should you use a SHOTGUN in almost any urban Garden!!
After having a squirrel free spell in the garden I've shot 3 this morning. For some reason they think they can eat the peanuts that are put out for the birds.. I feel I'm properly qualified, I shoot they die. What more is needed?

The wife was only last week mentioning that she hasn't seen as many as she expected this year ^_~

Edit: Make that 4.
I have recently got my new air rifle and have already clocked up 6 Greys in the 8 days since getting it home. The wife wasn't particularly pleased when I brought her a morning cup of tea in bed along with the air rifle to take a shot from the bedroom window! What a great way to start a Saturday!


believe it or not Lantra does NVQs in firearms through the local agricultural colleges. It wont be long before training is mandatory. I suggest keeping a game register to establish grandfather rights. They dont like that.
I have just ordered 10 fenn mk 4 traps for the squirrels in my wood. that should thin a few out. I dont want to shoot as the pheasants are starting to fly!
A grey squirrel stepped out into the road in front of me the other day - I did a risk assessment and decided I shouldn't swerve into the path of an oncoming bus full of primary school kids and promptly ran over the little grey yankee rodents head.

Lovely crunching sound!

Should I have owned up to this criminal offence?
You just did! We'll send you a cake with a file in it once you're settled in jug. You are qualified to use a cake aren't you?

I shot a pigeon this morning for looking at me in a funny way. Is that alright? Tonight I am going to shoot the two squirrels in the cherry tree. Unfortunately they are too close to the road to use the Mk1 total drey-destructor cartridge (not it's real name but a bloody good description). So it will be .22 air gun from the bedroom, with Mrs Cuddles acting as spotter.
You don't have to kill them trap humanely(at least one male one female),then release on the Isle of Wight far more amusing.

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