Are You 'Patriotic' At All?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Your_Mums_Pal, Jan 19, 2012.

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  1. I'm not sure if 'patriotic' is the right term but it'll do for now.

    I was planning to throw this up in the Scottish Independence thread but Sixty locked it up for the time being.

    It's something I've rarely thought about. Quite recently I got a bit of an education in my clan and all that. Turns out my family were the founding family of the Armstrong clan. At first, the history seemed great, as these things always do. A bit of further reading and a documentary on clans revealed that they were, essentially, a bunch of two-bit, sheep-stealing, murderous ***** who ran riot on the border between Scotland and England.

    And it got me thinking about my attitude towards Scotland as a whole.

    I've never really been much interested in being that pure-bred Scottish type. I like to cheer the football and the rugby team on even though we're shit but it's really just an excuse for a drink. I've never liked wearing a kilt, they're itchy, uncomfortable and impractical and they make you look like an arse in my opinion. I like the wee traditions, you know? Our thing with Hogmanay or Burns Night but really those are also just an excuse for a jovial piss up. It's nice but it's not overly Scottish.

    So we fought England hundreds of years ago after we invited Longshanks to come up and help sort us out because we were too busy fighting amongst ourselves first. That's the usual claim to fame, apparently standing up for our freedom and so forth but big deal. It happened ages ago and it's been insignificant since we've been a strong part of the UK for a long, long time now.

    I don't know. No doubt there are a lot of things I'm overlooking. Just curious; are you the 'patriotic' type of Scot? The kind who's proud of their country and gets a good kick out of watching Braveheart? Do you hover in the middle - somewhere amongst 'a wee bit of pride' - or are you just not really all that interested or fussed?
  2. I have to take issue with you on one point. How on earth can Burns night (& I enjoy it enormously) not be overtly Scottish when you eat haggis, drink your own bodyweight in whiskey & read gibberish pretending to be poetry to each other?
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  3. Perhaps I've been a bit flippant?

    I love Burns night myself, I really do.

    But I supposed since I wasn't wearing a kilt and talking pish about the Battle of Bannockburn that it wasn't distinctly Scottish.

    After all, aren't we really celebrating the life of one of our distinguished writers on Burns night?
  4. That's one of the things I like about it - something distinctly from the British Isles & worth perpetuating. Aside from anything else I really love haggis & will be distraught when The West Cornwall Pasty Company stop selling pasties filled with the stuff.

    I find it quite easy to keep up the Irish stuff (although my Mother's side of the family who are the Irish ones think I'm insane as they left the Republic to get away from poverty & all the bad stuff there). The English stuff (my Father's side) is harder & I nearly joined a Morris side, nothing to do with touring country pubs in the summer & rehydrating with vast quantities of real ale you understand.

    Dad, strangely enough, walts it up as a Welshman as a result of spending most of his working life as a Civil Engineer for railway and port projects in South & West Wales...
  5. is there such a scale for insecurities?
  6. I am extremely patriotic, so much so that I have systimatically tried to weaken the enemies blood line!

    For 27 years I have been impregnating sweaty socks with English sperm, sucessfully watering down the ginger gene!

    And for a serious reply....I seem to have gone to the dark side. I love wearing a kilt, I play in two pipe bands, I play in a traditional Scottish music group, I have a huge whisky collection, I will never leave the Highlands to live back in England, and I am currently sat at work in a Highlanders polo shirt.

    Maybe its me that has been weakened!!
  7. Never mind patriotism. What us southerners need to know (well, me at least) is , when you're wearing your know...are you like the regiment in the Carry On film?
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  8. i agree with a lot of the posters here in that although i'm proud to be scottish (and British) i'm not one of these people who seem to let it define them completely. people who i see as being overly patriotic make me nervous.

    p.s. rockpile, personal preference i suppose but i always like to hang free, its hot enough under there wrapped under all that wool and it makes going for a slash easier. plus some bird will inevitably stick her hand up there "for a laugh" and its funnier if she kops a handfull of sweaty trouser ferret for her sins.
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  9. Thanks DD. It sounds quite an attractive garment. I'll have to find out if there is any history of kilt wearing in Lincolnshire so that I can give one a try. Being groped in the cold weather might be embarrasing though.
  10. I came to Scotland on a requested posting in August 1965, 47 years ago to save you counting. I have children and grandchildren born here, am married to a genuinely beautiful Scottish lady, and love the place. Having said that I am English, and have never tried to hide it by adapting some sort of bastardised Scottish Accent. I am extremely well travelled within Scotland, because of what I used to do to earn a crust, and must have done a good few thousand miles on the Scottish hills over the years.
    I have come across the odd really nasty Jock that hates all Englishmen and all things English, usually I have found these sort have been nowhere and done less. I remember one Glaswegian giving it out big time at my expense in a pub in Inverness when he heard my English Accent. I just turned to him and reeled out half a dozen hill names. After he managed to close his mouth he offered to buy me a dram because he had called me English, and no English bastard could ever have spoken the Gaelic as well as I did. I still get a warm glow from that dram. :)
  11. Im from the old school British by birth and Scottish by the grace of god! im proud of both ties to be honest
    I enjoy the banter and remember riding a push bike past the Lifeguards naafi bar windows in Sennelager singing "duetchland duetchland uber alles" as Engurland went down to the boxheads at the world cup in 1990! oh the fun as i peddeld off under a hail of grolch bottles!
  12. No wonder you are bloody confused.

    I hasten to add that my origins are similarly diffused. Part Jock, part Irish, part Polish and a bit of Cornish. No Welsh as far as I know.

    I LOVE Islay Malt (and Haggis). I think that the Great McGonagal is almost as eminent a poet as Robert Burns.

    I too am proud of being British and love to see the Union Flag flying proudly.

    I used to LOVE poaching salmon in Wales and exporting Welsh lamb to England in my army 4 ton truck. Good deal all round, the farmers got a better price from me than they got from the government and I made .... a mint.
  13. On the command lift kilts, you will grasp the hem of your kilt and you will lift your kilt up and to the side, exposing a bare buttock. Listen in.....LIFT.............KILTS!

    Yes..we did do that before parade. Anyone caught wearing shreddies had them ripped off there and then.

    However, if ladies were to be present (church service, tea party or some such) we were to wear appropriate underwear.
  14. Jock Walt!! :)
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  15. Rather apt this thread should appear pre-Burns night, and I do miss (my old unit) mess functions,

    However I'm fortunate enough to be posted at an establishment which still holds these strong traditions, and more importantly 'Burns night',

    I class myself as ScotBrit, I do return occasionally to my original shithole & regret it after a few, however I don't have a dinosaur attitude but respect others views on the issue, but I do miss the banter occasionally over ;-) patriotism..