Are You or Do You Know This Royal Engineer?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Tiger-Monkey2, Dec 16, 2011.

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  1. I have in my possession the GSM (1962) with clasp "Northern Ireland" of:

    24147132 Spr B. ROBSON RE

    The medal, which is without its ribband, was found in a car in a scrap yard in Derby and has, via a couple of people, been passed to me on the off chance that the power of ARRSE might be invoked in an attempt to re-unite it with its rightful owner.

    Anyone who can help please PM me, and with luck I will be able to post it to him.
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  2. He will be an old boy going by that number
  3. You could try RE Museum at brompton or never know your luck, my number was 2450 in 1978 so he is way before that
  4. I joined in 1971 and my number began 2424 so your guy was in quite some time before that although he obviously served in NI which kicked off in 1969. I assume the GSM with NI clasp was awarded from that year onwards. Good luck with your search.
  5. Cheeky basted. My number is 2413 etc. I joined in early 1968, so Robson prolly joined late '68 or '69.

    Robson ..... doesnt ring a bell, but why not give the REA a buzz, they have a record of every Sapper that joined the army going back donkeys years. Try
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  6. Drummy Winters says he'll give you 50 quid for it if you'll sellotape his name over Spr Robson's
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  7. You tick all the boxes required for an Arrser to be considered ancient. ;-)
  8. 24149***....Jan 1969
  9. Eh? What's that you say?

    Cheeky young upstarts, mumble grumble, dribble ....
  10. By god, I didn't think you were grey and wrinkly with all those pics of nice young wenches you have pulled that you have been posting......or are they payable nice young wenches?

    Still, its good to see the aged still active.

    Anyway, I digress, the OP could try forcesreunited (Linky) in the quest to find the owner of the said medal
  11. I'm 252...that's a million variations of number between us...not trying to make you sound old or anything!
  12. I was 2348**** in 1957 and a guy who was in the unit just a few months before me had 232225**I am not so sure that you could go by the number, however if someone would contact RE Home office perhaps they could enlighten the situation?
  13. I'm impressed with your efforts to reunite the medal with owner so far, so I hesitate to suggest an extra route in addition to those mentioned in previous posts.

    But an email to the MOD Medal Office might come up with something. It's possible that if the original was stolen, a replacement may have been requested- I'm sure anyone in that situation would prefer the original back.

    Also, even if a replacement was not the case, they may well have a system in hand for matching lost medals to recipients. is the email address quoted on the MO web page.
  14. Was LCpl Jones the Butcher in the same intake?
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  15. I'm sure his passport is still in fine working order! ;-)