Is there any one out there who has managed to change from S Type to open engagement as I am curious to know if this is possible. I know QRs states that this is not normally possible but how many have mananged to acheive this? If you have changed to open please let me know so I can argue my case. :x
I went through phase 2 training with a lad who transfered to the regular Army from the TA, after an NI tour. He then served about four years in some Scot infantry regiment before transfering over to the Royal Engineers - which is where I met him.

So I have met someone who done it, although this would have been about 12 years ago (as I went through training eight years ago).
Knew a bloke last year who wanted to do that, he said it was possible, although he wasa complete chopper and the unit would have put him off till he belonged to someone else (whilst on deployment).

Knew several other good TA blokes were considering it but never tried to see it through.

Good luck!
1st When did you sign onto the S Type contract? Are you from TA or was you Reg already, on Open contract then forced to change under an MCP. If the latter then you have a good argument that APC Glasgow would wish to avoid.

PM me if you need more help :wink:
I joined from the TA 11.5 years ago and spent 8.5 years with the Infantry before transferring to AGC. Sadly I have not been able to go onto open engagement, but it is not for the lack of trying. :oops:
I am on a 12 S Type, started in Apr 00. There was a letter in Soldier mag a wee while ago stating that when you finish your S-Type you can ask for another to bring you to 22 years but you can't transfer to an Open Engagement.