Are you looking here to cleanse your conscience??

Come on admit it you wish you were doing more for charity don't you. Its easy and only takes two steps as follows:

1. Log on to donate some cash to some poor sap who is daft enough to run over 26 miles on a sunday in aid of the Army Benevolent Fund.

2. Sit back and pop another beer having done your bit! No specialist training required and loads of feel good factor.

With only 8 weeks notice the fundraising kind of took a hit so any donations gratefully recieved.

Yours aye


Book Reviewer
well now Krasniy Bolshoiyeh, how did the marathon go then ? Do I owe you a pint for beating Nell McAndrew's time ? :)

Well done for getting off your ARRSE feller - and for raising more than 200 quid for the Army Ben Fund too's the toes this morning ?

Le Chevre

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