Are you involved with a Forces Charity?

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Bad CO, May 27, 2005.

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  1. Bad CO

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    This is an open offer to any genuine forces charity - we are more than happy to donate you free advertising space on this site. We believe that the RGJ chaps at are extremely happy with the help that they have received from us already but we'd love to help the ABF, RBL, St Dunstans, etc as well

    With just under 10k registered users, tens of thousands of individual visitors per day and 3 million hits per month this site is an excellent way to reach forces personel, their families and supporters.

    The only thing we would ask in return is a 'supported by The Army Rumour Service' link on your web site.
  2. Good call, the COs!

    or, for those who like to see an apostrophe where it has no right to be:

    Good call, the CO's!
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  3. Hello,

    I belong to a UK Charity called "Countess Mountbatten's Own, Legion of Frontiersmen", we are celebrating our centenary this year.

    We are mainly ex-services personnel, Army, Police, Paramedics, and Firemen. Our mission statement is "Aid to civil powers in times of emergecies"

    We are looking for ex-service personnel who are willing to give up their time to aid their country and communities in times of natural and man made disaster.

    For those interested in helping youths we are also looking for trainers, we aim to help under privallaged children to get a broader outlook on life and if they are interested help them with a career in the armed forces, TA, Police or other service.

    Our web site is

    We are a Commonwealth Organisation with a large presance in Austraila, New Zealand, Canada, North America and Malta.

    Kindest regards,

  4. Hi fellow Arrser's. Does anyone do vol work for SSAFA? Ive asked for some info from SSAFA and Im keen to do some casework to help out. Any information from anyone involved with SSAFA greatly appreciated.

  5. I am a member of a charity called ,THE M.M. NATIONAL GULF WAR VETERANS AND FAMILIES
    ASSOCIATION,This association is the only charity that i know that has support for gulf 1 and gulf 2 veterans ,there partners and there children.They have excelent medical contacts as well as excelent legal contacts,they also help with pension appeals and can also help by telling you what benefits you should be entitled to.Every year in march they hold an annual respite break in blackpool which if they can get the funding is free ,the children are well entertaned and usualy get a huge bag of toys and sports clothes which companies donate,i can only tell you the out line of this charity as there is too much to tell you, but take a look for your self :D :D :D :D :D :D
  6. oldbaldy

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  7. I am a photographer specialising in the military. I am able to provide event photography at mess functions, military balls, etc. A % of my photography sales are donated to a charity chosen by your unit or a donation is made to the Army Benevolent Fund.
  8. Beebs....where are you?
  9. I would become a caseworker in the Royal British Legion instead, better support. I did some casework for SSAFA in Aldershot before i left. Too many people there using their retired rank titles when dealing with clients.

    Look in your local phone book under Royal British Legion, county Field Officer. Hope this helps,
  10. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    Do not agree. SSAFA & TRBL are not the same, have different charters & operate in different ways but do cooperate. The biggest difference being that TRBL are a membership organisation & SSAFA are not.

    I am a SSAFA secretary & a member of TRBL. One of my caseworkers is a Trustee of TRBL (you don't get much higher up the food chain) and am shortly running a course where one of the students will be the RBL CFO.
    I cannot comment on the support you received in Hants but there is as much support as needed in my area.

    As for the old ex-Officer V ex-soldier arguement, the facts are not born out by reality. I am for ever hearing that SSAFA is for officers & TRBL for soldiers but I have also heard the arguement that TRBL in Pall Mall is out of touch because it is an old staffed by retired officers. There is just no pleasing some people.

    Oh & I was not an officer but have retired senior officers working for me.
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  11. Your right they are different- The Legion usually provides the money and ssafa spend it telling the client it was theirs. I do think that in the future the Legion will dominate and ssafa will be absorbed as a also ran org.
  12. Yes, I am in charge of

    Our main focuse and purpose is to support deployed troops and those right in front of our door. Means York and Oxford Barrack, Münster.
  13. If anyone can give any support to Combat Stress I know they would be thrilled and eternally grateful. They do outstanding work with those of our comrades with "invisible" injuries who seem to be overlooked in so many cases. I have seen some of their work and it was a truly humbling experience.
    Go on, give them the price of a pint of Stella (or whatever your poison is): do something you can be proud of this week - and then tell no-one!
  14. Worth a "bump".