Are you inbred?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by crabby, Jun 17, 2006.

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  1. Yep - And my cousins are mighty fine

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  2. No - My family were fine, upstanding members of the community

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  3. No idea - Noone's ever looked into my family history

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  1. It is a sad fact that 4 generations ago Mr Crabby's family was inbreeding more than the Royal Family (my grandfather's grandparents were cousins) and indeed my Grandparents were actually Cousins in law (thank god not in blood).

    I blame this all on that side of the family being from the West Country (my mother's maiden name is still the most common surname in Dorchester - where she grew up).

    Does anyone else know of any cases on inbreeding in their family? Have you got any indicators? Thankfully I have the correct number of limbs, chins and although my nose is large it's not hooked or crooked - I'm also relatively sane.
  2. We had something similar only a few weeks ago. One of the Law buffs on here pointed out that it is both perfectly legal and moral to both have sex with and marry your own cousin. Thus banging ya cousin aint in-breeding, which is illegal (incest).
  3. Well two of my mothers cousins are re-marrying this summer, and my eyebrows would meet if left unattended and well I do believe you have quite a pretty mouth !
  4. Well i've noticed the following:

    My mum and dad are brother and sister.

    I have five fingers and a thumb on each hand.

    I am quite adept at playing the Banjo.

    Does this count?
  5. Hmm I don't know but like you crabby I hail from Dorset and worse my mother is from Portland, a hotbed of inter-family relations.
    So I'm guessing somewhere along the line some rather foul stuff occured that I'd rather not know about
  6. Indeed. My parents are related about six diiferent ways. Apart from an unhealthy attraction to my mother, it's done no harm that I can see.
  7. Portland - "Oi'd loik to innerduce you to moy woife an' moy zister. An' 'ere she be!" Also applies to Bridport, Shaftesbury, parts of Somerset and Devon and most of Cornwall.

    Edited to add that although I was born and bred in Dorset my family weren't, so I (as far as I can tell) am free from these incestuous throwbacks. Having said that I wouldn't mind shagging my cousin.
  8. Oh, you're a local lad are you. brewmeister?
  9. Arrr! That Oi be. But see my edit above.

  10. :wink: :wink: :wink: 8O
  11. my family tree has one nice straight trunk and doesnt branch :D
  12. Just had to attend a wedding of two first cousins here. The gilrl's one of my co-workers but it's common in this part of the world.

    As for my family, they come from all around, so they're not even remotely related by blood.