Are you in the Army?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Chalky, Aug 7, 2006.

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  1. Yes Im in the TA

  2. Yes Im a Reservist

  3. No Im in the TA

  4. No Im a Reservist

  5. Lay down smoke and run like the bejesus

  6. None of the above you misleading unimaginative fecker

  1. A thought occured to me today.

    I was out running and, by random chance, was wearing a fetching olive t-shirt with the words 'Army' scribed across my left man-boob.

    A little kid cried out 'Oi, mate! Are you in the army?'

    My usual reply of 'Sometimes' garnered a confused look, but it did make me think about how, given the move to the 'One Army' concept and perhaps some of the stigma attached to the TA, we answer that question.

    So I thought the collective could have a crack at it.

    I think the results may be interesting...

    Edited to add: To the 'none-of-the-aboves', feel free to add your own alternatives to the discussion.
  2. No, Im in the 49 Para.
  3. You missed one, just YES. The TA only confuses people unless you have time to tell them what it means.
  4. think the answer you're looking for is "nope" ;)
  5. Fair point, but consider it more in the sense of self-definition as I can't now edit the poll!
  6. Oh aye, I bet you had your combats and boots on too didn't yer, you cheeky sausage...

    Last time I got asked I said yes, with the TA and got the reply "Is right kidda, whats it like in Iraq? Wheres yer gun?" I think your well within your right to say yes, you may be part time but we still work pretty damn hard at what we do....

    Yes is just plain easier for lazy bastids like me....
  7. Of course, had you been on the point of collapsing, "No, Marines!" would have been a tactical answer.
  8. I've found a more pressing issue...

    You go running?!?!?! :D

    T C
  9. Look around you CR and see how many wearing the green are TA, filling regular posts because there aren't enough of them to go round. (Apologies if you are not serving anymore).
  10. Have you not considered the fact that the kid may have been trying to Waahh you? Or he may have been pointing out what a sad git you are for wearing a shirt like that
  11. Last time I went running in a t-shirt that said Army on it I was stoned to fcuk by a group of wine drinking lay abouts in the park.......................... Well, it was Lurgan after all 8O 8O 8O
    What about adding, naw I'm a walt/airsoft gunner
  12. Have I missed the point? Should members of the TA be running at all?

    Nobody told me when I joined, sod this, I am handing my kit in.
  13. lol - I love our wee country.

    Ignore CR, he's only looking a bite; he's usually quite funny in his own forum tho.
  14. Oh come guys have got it easy. I work at a very large headquarters just outside of London. I also have to wear CS95 as a normal working dress (not the norm for my service).

    When having to pop down to the local town the people just stare as though they have never seen anyone in uniform before.....despite having several thousand of us just a mile up the hill, big fcukoff signs, lots of guards, high fences with razor wire and signs telling people to fcuk off or the nasty dogs will get them! Oh not forgetting the odd protest march by Trident Ploughshare or the Wombles that shuts off the town whilst they march up the main road from the tube station to stand and shout out that we are all baby killers in the base!

    What's even more annoying are the amount of people who ask "Are you in the Army then?" despite me having "ROYAL AIR FORCE" emblazoned on my jacket in inch high lettering just above my right fcuking nipple.

  15. I am stationed just outside London and under no circumstances are we allowed out of camp in "greens", but I do agree the civvy cnuts do look at you like you have just sh*t in their handbags on previous occaisons when I have been outside the wire in uniform.