Are you in a Scottish OTC or moving to Scotland after uni?

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by space_commander, Mar 28, 2006.

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  1. Forgive me for copying and pasting a post from the TA forum but it gave me an idea!!

    Have you commissioned or are you thinking about commissioning within the next year?

    The TA is always trying to recruit officers and my regiment is no different - 32 (Scottish) Signals Regiment

    We have squadrons in Glasgow, East Kilbride, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Elgin.

    Here's the deal; transfer to 32 Sigs, wear our beret and train with your UOTC for up to a year. After that, come and train with us.

    We are the ONLY Royal Signals Unit in Scotland. Because of this our funding is substantially more than any UOTC.

    We have a UK Ops role. Most of our kit is plug and play, this means that we have time to do green stuff (Lanyard Trophy, Cambrian Patrol, NATO Patroling competition held in Italy, Caledonian Challenge), adventure training (Exercise Snow Warrior, Snow Lion, Corps Ski Championships in Austria to name but a few).

    What's in it for you?

    No more TOS! Yes it is cool but itchy as hell.

    Group A bounty - £1200 TA vs £170 OTC (roll on April!!!)

    Commanding soldiers who are older / wiser / have more experience than you is a challenge, but infinatly more rewarding. Do you really want to command your mates from uni or men and women, a lot of whom are ex-reg and who will probably been on ops in warm and sandy places?

    Seniority date of your commission starts from when you transfer. As a group B 2Lt you will stay at that rank as long as you are group B (a UOTC badged officer), then if you transfer to the TA once you graduate, your probational year as a 2Lt still has to be done. You could end up being a one pip wonder for 4/5 years. If you transfer to group A whilst still at uni, this probational year is done and you get your shiney second pip once you graduate. No marking time.

    You get access to courses that OTCs would never get loaded onto due to their position in the pecking order. You can attend the special to arm troop commanders course.

    UOTCs are 150% over strength and as a result there is fierce competition to get on adventure training courses. Lots of students+lots of free time+student debts to pay= lots of trips to the Trg WO to book AT Cses. Most TA units are at 80% strength sadly (not ours though!), and TA soldiers have jobs to do during the week. This limits their ability to time off to actually do the AT courses themselves. This vastly increases your chances of getting away to do the gucci Power Boat handlers course (which I couldn't make it to damn it!) or the Ski leader course.

    The very nature of OTCs means that the training program becomes repetative. MTQ1/2/3 all have to be done every year and the longer you spend in the UOTC the less they can find for you to do because you have absorbed all that the instructors can teach you using the limited resources the unit has. In the TA you have people who have attended most weekends for up to 20 years. The training has to be new, interesting, challenging and relevant otherwise people will vote with their feet and you will be left with an empty drill hall on Tue/Wed nights.

    We would like all our young officers to have an adventure training qualification. This broadens the possibilties for training on drill nights and weekends away. The YO or PO gets the qualification and the soldiers get interesting training.

    Annoy the hell out of your adjutant by wearing our barrack dress!

    What's in it for us

    We get our profile increased amongst the pool of already trained potential officers

    We get a young officer after a year

    Lets face it. It looks good for us if our LSN is filled for young officers.

    If you're interested PM me or visit 32 (Scottish) Signals Regiment

    Please note that we want those who have already commissioned or OCdts with a reasonable chance of commissioning
  2. Aye ok. But your forgeting the fact that some people may not whant to join the sigs.
  3. The post was not supposed to be on behalf of the entire TA
  4. Twinky you sad sad man..........

    Now if they really wanted to have fun they'd join the QOY
  5. Had a near miss with the QOY myself. Realised that you don't have to be yeomanry to wear dashing outfits and quaff champers. Cav is a state of mind! I didn't want to be the subbie who had to blend the tobbacco from Superking and Lambert and Butler to make the "Yeomanry Shag Pipe Tobacco", grind up the saw dust and paprika for the snuff box, or soak the bottles of cheap cava in a bath just so I could peel off the real label and replace it with one that read "Yeomanry Champagne". :D

    My regards to Gordy and his "problem" that was....prohibitive for going on his Mod 3 course. :lol:

    Seriously though, was thinking about the QOY had my CO not offered me such a cracking deal at 32 (endless AT, more MTDs than you can shake a stick at). Also realised that there was an element of "trying to be more cav than the cav".
  7. Bloody hell all these details would suggest that you are far too familiar with ideas as to deceive. No one in their right mind would have thought of paprika as snuff- no wonder they would not have you
    Are you seriously suggesting that an exercise in the back of an FFR changing batteries is prefferable to commanding a Tp of CVRT?
    Sounds like sour grapes
  8. Seems like this guy Space Comader is quite a strange cav want to be.

    So he did not join the local Black Watch? Or slightly aloof Yeomanry Or even The RMR.

    Fine join the Signals Reserve but please do the decent thing and keep it quite people may be having dinner (or Unit Hot Tea Meal).

    But at least his 'mess kit' has a tartan waistcoat....just like the Orkney Ferry bar staff i think...lovely.
    Set it off lovely with a pre-tied bow tie. Smashing!
  9. I'll quote the experience of an ex Coldstream's officer who the yeomanry in scotland recently courted:

    Scottish Yeo Wallah: Come join us, it'd be ever such a laugh.

    Ex Coldstream's Chappie: Okay, so what are the lads like?

    Scottish Yeo Wallah: Well we've got a jolly fun mess and we have ever such smart dinners.

    Ex Coldstream's Chappie:, I meant what are the Toms like?

    Scottish Yeo Wallah: Toms? Well we've only got one Tom in the mess at the moment but we're trying to recruit more to, you know, balance it out a bit, this way we can have a Tom on either side of the table at our dinners.

    Ex Coldstream's Chappie: No, you misunderstand me, what are the Soldier's like?

    Scottish Yeo Wallah: Well we try not to have too much to do with that sort of thing, now watch me try to open a bottle of champagne with a sword, whilst I stand around in my privately purchased blues dress that I invent reasons to wear in my mess crammed into a corner of the same design of TAC that we all have. We might have wood panelling, but its actually woodchip thats been stained and veneered, scratch the surface of what used to be the Scots Yeo and you'll find alot of people with big social chips on their shoulders and badly supressed regional accents.

    One of the marks of a true gentleman is not trying to constantly prove it, which is why I find the Yeomanry in scotland to be a rather distastfull bunch. And you can't be that selective a bunch, I refer of course to a young TA sponsored OCdt at Edinburgh UOTC, you know who I'm talking about!
  10. I do, is he still a PO after his attempt at Westbury?
  11. Another dissatisfied customer perhaps? A tad vitriolic but very amusing story - amazed a woodentop could remember anything so detailed from such a long time ago. As far as I know Scots Yeo went in 1998 so the conversation cannot be recent by any stretch of the imagination. My experience with the Yeomanry (and Guards) is on the whole positive but it is amazing how one section of the military community provokes such a response
    Any other anecdotes?
  12. He is a Tpr. Issue of P or O qualities would be required to make that one a PO.

    A few days in an OP or helping the boys change the tracks at 3 in the morning with the OC breathing down your neck on the wireless, soon sorts the wheat from the chaff.

    That said we do have another couple of UTOC chaps who are cutting the mustard. But we do need more (with P)
  13. A Yeoman walks past a Guards Officer, and in usual relaxed Yeomanry manner does not throw one up.
    The SNCO behind the Officer pulls him up:
    "Don’t you salute Guards Officers in the Yeomanry?"
    "We don’t have Guards Officers in the Yeomanry."
    "Lovely shirt, Sir..."
  14. Get your info right.

    Elgin hosts a newly formed detached TROOP of 51 Sig Sqn in Aberdeen, which has taken over the former HQ of 3 HLDRS - with 3 or 4 officers already - oh with no permanently assigned vehicles or much equipment of any sort at the present time. Its also the most northerly R Sigs unit in the UK. 51 Sig Sqn also wear the TOS and NOT berets.

    32 Sigs is NOT the only R Sigs TA unit in Scotland - you seem to have forgotten about 2 Sig Sqn in Dundee.