Are you going to Hull on April 4th?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Mar 30, 2006.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Biscuits, you could probably get a commission ;)

  2. I don't bloody want one!

    I want to work on the pan bash!
  3. OH crikey you're near me!
  4. Have you got BOWMAN yet or are you still using carrier pigeons down there??. Best regiment my arrse!!

    Forget army comms use nokia net.
  5. Tell me it ain't true?
  6. So you can both come ?
  7. Only when he squeezes his cheeks tightly.
  8. No they are still using smoke signals ...... 34's kit aint that modern compared the its glorious neighbours to the South
  9. They have perfectly good kit. Infact they have a rebro det which currently has two vhf sets wired together in serial using a gutted pressell box (don10 is so last year), as the IBRU (bulit out of spare parts and random bits of metal the techs found) wasn't rebroadcasting manpack transmissions.

    Then we get onto 'Flood' the Switch.

    Perfectly good kit.
  10. No idea what the original comment said prior to editing but I won't be coming to Hull the w/e as my wife has refused to sign my leave pass.. (something about finishing some DIY projects that I have been dodging for the last two years...but i'm not under the thumb (honest)!

    Polar69 - have you heard anything about what we are meant to be doing for our Trade ex yet? It's all gone quiet in Leeds!

  11. It only took a day to dry out and the floor has never been so clean !
  12. I'm afraid so.

    Why join the sigs... when the Yeomanry is in the same barracks... :twisted:
  13. :lol: So how come your digital kit takes a FFR to carry it and ours fits into me pocket.

    antphilip, when did the Yeomanry move in don't think there's room for stables or don't proper yeomanry have horses like the sigs yeomanry
  14. Digital kit? Oh you mean all those buttons, keypads etc yeah we must throw them into the back of the nearest FFR and leave it there, don't want to mess with that sort of thing.

    Truth be told we all know that the more wires, lights, dials, bits 'n pieces the cooler the kit is, and you can get plenty of that sort of thing inside a Rover. Well you probably have plenty of space in your trousers for all that kit if the rumours are true...