Are you gay?

Woo :D :D

Operator is 6% Gay

You're a walking, talkiing, red-blooded hetero guy. Just way too straight for these modern times mate!
Why does C4 seem to think it's a good thing to be a raving homo??
36% :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

NOW VERY PUZZLED........................................
The Channel 4 Gay-O-Meter has calculated that Essexbob is 13 percent gay! Find out just how gay you are with the Channel 4 Gay-O-Meter

Calypso said:
Noise down...go and play cops and robbers...actually, they're both the same in PSNI! :D
Watch it mouth, £20mil + can hire many people :twisted: :wink:

Calypso said:
And you're only gay if you push back shouting 'Do me big boy!' :D
You are clearly an expert and know exactly what to say..... :?

:D :D
Wow - I didn't realise that mortars had their own website?

23% and an exhortation to 'loosen up, straight mate'. No thanks C4, I'll keep how I am....
20%, which apparently, paradoxically, means I'm a "red-blooded, hetero guy and just way too straight for these modern times".

Thank fcuk for that. :lol:
16% and way too straight. Thank feck for that, but what would be "Just staight /gay enough", I wonder? :?
man_in_blue is 13% gay. man_in_blue's boss is 58% gay.
man_in_blue is far too straight for this day and age or whatever the feck it says.
man_in_blue's boss:women like you, don't they? Little do they know that you're a wolf in sheep's clothing ready to pounce. (must have been those leather motorcycle trousers)

Apparently this means I am a happy and well-adjusted hetero babe.

So there.

It must have been the regular haircuts that did it.
How is it possible to be too straight for modern times, anyway? Short of many nancy boy suit wearing city 'networking' based jobs in the centre of London, why on earth is it good to be even the least bit camp?
Now if you'll excuse me I need to go and shave for the 14th time today, stand on top of a tall building and beat my chest shouting UAGARGH!
16%, with the usual hetero comment as the other 16-20%ers

I was disapointed I was even that gay. Need to get to work on Mrs twicer and get those gay tendancies straightened out!!

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