Are you Ex Forces serving in the Emergency Services???

Discussion in 'Police, PMCs, Security' started by Hellmans, Oct 8, 2009.

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  1. New to UK Challenge Coins

    A 999 Ex Forces Badge/Tie Pin

    An enamel lapel badge featuring the Tri Service Emblem with chequered band around the edge.

    Available with Black/White, Red/White or Green/White chequered band for Police/Fire/Coastguard or Medical

    Helping Hols4H


    MM :D

  2. Just saw these on the website and wondered if buying one would be walty, I have just gained employment with the Yorkshire Ambulance Service but in a non emergency capacity, but then I am an ex-medic? Should I get one anyway?

    I dont get what they are for, is it for forces emergency service people e.g Medics, RMP and RAF Fire Service or is it for members of emergency serives that you call 999 for that used to be in the military?
  3. Also can we do an arrse challenge coin trolley pound on a keyring? I for one would really like a challenge coin trolley pound.
  4. They are for Ex Forces now working, in any capacity, for the Emergency Services, or serving/Ex Forces Police etc.

  5. I'll have to spk with Gundulph about this many female ARRSErs are there to make this viable?

    Real Men don't shop!

    (Ducks and runs) :p
  6. Oof, MM u Sod! I don't think the trolley pound is good purely for trolley usage its just handy to have it on a keyring on your keys, just makes it more handy i think.
  7. Bloody hell Dolly. What's happened to the fiesty, sassy Dolly we knew and loved? You'll be pushing a tartan trolley into Morrisons with your zip up seude Granny slippers on next.

    You've changed.... :wink:
  8. Sorry Dave hang on a sec.

    (dons stockings, suspenders and an under bust corset)

    I would really like an ARRSE trolley pound to put on my car keys. the real reasons are:

    1. If I attach it to my car keys I wont lose it.
    2. My current trolley pound is an RAF one and as I have now been a civvy for a whole 3 weeks i think its a bit walty to keep it and want a new one i can be equally as proud of.
    3. If I attach it to my cars keys I won't forget to take it with me.
    4. I just want one ok?

    I promise if we get one I will get the puppies out for the challenge coin photos.
  9. Ordered - Now all being well the taking the postal strike into account I should get one in November.... 2018.
  10. orders received, cheers
  11. Yes I'm ex royal Artillery now a firefighter. Job is great, drills, physical fitness training , and good active response jobs. I love it. Having a bit of a dispute with the government regarding pensions and the age we retire...think what you like but as you get older it's harder to pass the fitness tests and actually do the job, and it's a easy fix for politicians to dismiss you if you don't pass, regardless of the promises

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  12. Get one

    then you can sleep night shifts
    do 38 hrs per week
    retire at 50
    earn 30 plus k per year
    go on strike when yas get pissed off and the army will do a better job for half the wage

    or you could keep yer ******* polictics fer another thread
  13. You forgot to add:

    Sucking the rest of your crew off in the gym after a shout.
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