Are you doing the Open University thing?



In our wiser and older years we are now catching up so to speak? I had been reading History for decades and thought it was about time I did something with that layman's knowledge, therefore the OU option. Currently coming to the end of the Fourth year - The early Roman Empire. I gather there are loads of History buffs who use this site. If so, what are you doing, how is it proceeding and do you find in worthwhile. If you recently left HM Forces remember the Enhanced Learning Credits scheme which are good for three years and cover 80% of the cost. For those fully retired, it makes those lazy days less so.


That was inspiring? Next time i'll stick to Commndo and Battle comics as a secondary source.
Just a point....

ELCs are good for 10 years after leaving.


I'm doing OU, but not in history.
Four years and you've only reached the early Romans? Has anybody survived to reach WW2?
I too, have always been interested in history and at one time gave some serious thought to the OU but decided that being directed to study is a lot different to studying what you want. Plus I stopped and thought about the end result. Would having a degree made any difference to my life? As far as I could see, no.
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