Are you doing anything for the next 17 months?

While I'm not planning on volunteering myself, it sounds like an interesting experiment. I'm also sure that some ARRSErs will have suggestions as to who they'd like to see locked in a mock spaceship together for a year and a half.

How long do you think you'd last?

The European Space Agency (Esa) is seeking volunteers for a simulated human trip to Mars, in which six crew spend 17 months in an isolation tank.

They will live and work in a series of interlocked modules at a research institute in Moscow.

Once the hatches are closed, the crew's only contact with the outside world is a radio link to "Earth" with a realistic delay of many minutes.

It sounds like Big Brother, but there are no plans to televise the test.

The modular "spacecraft" measures some 550 cubic metres (19,250 cubic feet), the equivalent of nine truck containers. It is based at the Russian Institute for Biomedical Problems in the Russian capital.

The goal is to gain insight into human behaviour and group dynamics under the kinds of conditions astronauts would experience on a journey to Mars
Tartan_Terrier said:
How long do you think you'd last?
With work the way it is, I'd probably volunteer for the trip-to-Venus simulation.
I'd volunteer, as long as i wasn't in there with someone with bad flatulance.
didn't Johnny vaughan (coke head off of Big Breaky)
start this idea but was fake,
well sounds original and shiite unless
silvia saint is part of it with her silver light saber
Just think if you were the only straight guy on board.........and there were no women!

Or you all ran out of toothpaste, or toiletpaper after the first week.

It wouldn't be fun!

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