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Discussion in 'RLC' started by pvtePile, Oct 22, 2008.

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  1. Dear Sir's/Ma'ams'

    Prior to my term in Sandhurst this January, I have been encouraged by the recruiting officer at RLC HQ to go on an attachment to a unit. I have contacted them with a preference but have a feeling it will be a while before I actually go on an attachment as the recruiting office is inundated.

    Hence if you would like an amiable, hardworking and eager to learn Potential officer for a few weeks than I am available ASAP.

    I can do most things with ease and make a good cuppa. :D

    I shall give you my details on the pm and inform the recruiting office which shall arrange my time with you.

    Anyone interested?
  2. First, young man, i suggest you learn correct use of the apostrophe...

    ma'am's, SNCO's and JNCO's - all classic school-boy back to RHQ to the Corps' Adjt for some remedial grammar...see what i did there!
  3. Feck me, a Batman begging for work. "That'll be milk and two and then clean my Webley, Pile..."
  4. Did you intend the word ma'am to be genitive?
  5. Strange- I thought that too when I read his post. :wink: :? Gotta love those eager beavers. :lol:
  6. Perhaps he can then explain to you that i should be I?
  7. no - as ma'ams is plural so can't be genitive.
  8. And the use of a question mark at the end of "see what I did there"
  9. Then there should not be an apostrophe before the final 's'
  10. or correct use of commas?
  11. Feckin hell, are you merely referring to use of the apostrophe in "corps'" to make it possessive of it's Adjt?
  12. That was his point :roll:
  13. Question mark not required, it was a rhetorical question phrased as a statement, hence the!
  14. Sorry goon_bde

    My bad... will read posts properly before replying in future.

    Off to the pub to sit in the corner....
  15. unlike your change to my post which clearly shows a incorrect use of commas