Are you an idiot ?

Here is a short warning, and one you will have heard time and time again. But I think it is a lesson that some find more difficult to understand than others. It's not PC bollox it's just plain simple common sense

The festive season is nigh upon up and as always the opportunity to lapse into having a little too much alcohol and then getting behind the wheel of a vehicle.

YOU - Yes YOU with the head !!! Stop right now and think how losing your license will effect your life, your family your career. Think how YOUR actions will effect the lives families and careers of others.

Think about smacking into another car at 50mph because YOU were to drunk to see it. Think about how YOU are going to face the prison sentence for manslaughter. THINK about how YOU are going to live with the knowledge for the rest of YOUR life that, for the want of a little forethought and a couple of quid on a taxi, you have deprived a family of someone, a mother a father, a brother, a sister.

Plan you drinking so that you are not left with a gallon of Stella inside you and 12 miles to get home. Book a taxi beforehand, nominate a sober driver, walk or crawl - just don't give into temptation because the car keys are burning a hole on your pocket.

Here endeth the lesson - Have YOU got the message yet ?

Have a Happy and SAFE Christmas

Good comment, but do you not think it is also down to the organisers, in respect to the party spirit, spiked drinks, etc etc.

I am a civvi and my company arrange all the transport to and from the Christmas function, they even will subsidise an overnight stay at the venue for the long distance runners.

But then again we are Civvi, sorry.
It's not normally the parties that cause the problems, as transport and/or accommodation is provided. But people still seem to think that 'just one' will be okay after work or on the way home.... and there's the risk that that 'one' is stronger than you think or you get one bought and think "I've only had a couple. Nothing will happen."

It's probably when you have only had one or two and think that your reactions are okay that you will miss-judge something and cause an accident. Or just as bad, get involved in somebody else's accident and get done for D&D anyway.

Did you know that the worst time for accidents under the influence of drink is still the summer BBQ season? Still no excuse to get in a car and drive (or let anyone else get in a car and drive!) after you've/they've had a drink around christmas.

Black, I see you've been watching the Aussie ads. They certainly get the message across.
Many injured from smashes already in our Battalion. Bournemouth is the new destination of choice for squaddies bored with Salisbury (I think it has a bigger lap dancing club). But this means that whereas a cab back from Salisbury was affordable, it is not an option from Bournemouth. Instead of getting a train or having a designated driver, they ALL get drunk and then decide to jump in the car. In the most recent accident, the driver was unhurt but the passengers were in a very bad way. In an ideal world, they would stop each other driving if drunk but they seem to think it is more important to get home. And as you say, it is such an unforgiveable risk to places other drivers and pedestrians at.

Our chaps all have to regularly present their driving documents to their company commanders to demonstrate that they actually have licences, road-worthy cars and insurance. The don't drink and drive message is repeated all year round but they only seem to take notice when one of their mates ends up in hospital.

The police in Wiltshire and Dorset are doing random stops and breath-tests now at all times of the day and night. I know of people getting stopped after driving perfectly normally, no speeding or broken lights etc.

Also, I think the one everyone forgets is being over the limit the next morning.


improve public transport and make it cheaper is the best way it removes temptation.

in liverpool on a fri and sat night the night buses runs till 5 in the morning and it only cost £2.50p flat fare , worth it , taxis are about £30
so you know which transport i've chosen
in liverpool on a fri and sat night the night buses runs till 5 in the morning
Is that because the joy riders are driving them?? :-D
I believe that it doesn't really matter what procedures you put in place, certain people will always drink and drive. Admittedly, a few sensible ones will make the use of transport or use a DES but you will always get the ones who think that they will never be caught. Why do I think this?.......because I was one of them.

Many years ago as a young tom, I was certain that the odds of me getting caught were very slim and therefore the convenience of driving outweighed the risk. I was very fortunate that a) I never got caught and more importantly b) I never killed anyone else.

God knows what was going through my head but I really believed that nothing would happen. I'm not talking just a few drinks either..we're talking about a complete night on the raz. I'm not proud of what I did and now I would never even consider it. As you get older and wiser your attitudes change greatly from the carefree idiocy of youth.

Therefore, continue the advertising, DES and the free transport but most of all...keep an eye out for the prat who will drink and drive nevertheless.

Mr Happy

Undertaker said:
I believe that it doesn't really matter what procedures you put in place, certain people will always drink and drive.
Sadly this is true in my experience BUT I think the number of idiots is cut down by the provision of a decent public transport service.
A major problem over here in Germany isnt the pizzed up squaddie on the night taking his car home, it's the idiot who in the morning has forgotted that he still has the residue of the night before running through his system....
At my unit we have tried to inform people about the day after effects which sadly some fools seem to think dont apply :x Knob1ers..

Hopes all on Arrse have a 'kin good Christmas and all the best for the New year..
...and the banner ad above this thread reads 'Christmas wines case from £49.99'... mmmm

What really annoys me is when someone says "I have never drunk and drove", but you know full well that they go out get pi55ed and drive to work in the morning because "it doesn't count". Tell that to our BSM who got done the morning after! :x

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