This request is really aimed at anyone who can offer me some sound inside information on the Met police service but only with regards to when the next recruitment event will be.

My situation is that Im currently in the army application system, scored good on BARB to try for Intel. corps, soldier entry. Only prob is that after careful and long consideration that is the only area of the army I want to specialise in. Having two other options open to me arent really that helpful

Judging by what some people say about the RMP it does seem that they do not do alot of detective or 'police' work and therefore I have been put off.

Its a shame because I did have my heart set on joining the army and living and breathing army life although if youre not happy with your trade is it really worth it?

Other areas of the AGC such as SPS appeals to me because I will have the opportunity to gain professional qualifications and theres good promotion however its not the kinda work Im looking to do.

I was wondering if any of you lot had any suggestions or comments serious, stupid or otherwise on whats it like to be in the army whilst doing a trade that wasnt what you really wanted to do initally.

Sorry for the bloody vagueness!
It sounds like you could do with going back to the careers office and ask more questions. That said when I joined the careers office was not the best advice. I nearly ended up wearing tartan trousers just because the recruiting Sergeant had the same surname as me. In a strong Glaswegian accent he said the 'clan' should stick together. I stepped outside, looked at the Liver Birds and wondered what the f*** the 'clan' was then looked for hubcaps to rob.
Serious advice though: If you are after a professional qualification think carefully; is it a qualification you want to use outside the Army? I did join a regiment but realised that my trade would stand me in good stead on civvy street hence the change. REME offer good trades but a lot of schooling is required (maths, science etc). Some trades in the Sigs are good, many of my mates have left for class well paid jobs. Int Corps, can't comment but hope someone will.
Finally you mention promotion. Be aware that the AGC have introduced a new type of engagement. The Army must be the only profession that spends loads of money training people only to release them after 22 years when some, not all, are still fit and have a lot to give. This engagement allows you to stay on beyond the 22 years (like the RAF do), a pilot project that may be introduced Army wide. The downside, those at the 20 - 22 year point apply, stay in and inevitably less room for you to move up the promotion ladder. It will slow down.
RMP, fast promotion, first stripe after you learn to do a bed block but you do have to sign a certificate stating you never want to be liked, by anybody, ever......
RMP, why not.... applications for the Met have been stopped indefinetly as they have enough recruits for the next 2 financial years, they are recruiting PCSOs though. Thames valley, West Yorks and BT Police are recruiting like mad though and a Xfer (after 2 years as a probationer) is always possible apart from when the Chief puts a Xfer ban on.

Int Corps have decent trades which can and will lead to quals if you want........
As a Met plod, and an ex AGC (SPS) and Int Corps chap, I would join the Int Corps mate, abd keep an eye on the Met recruitment situation. You will have a good time in the Int Corps, get quite a lot of responsibility early on and relatively quick promotion.

The Met will alway be there, why not have some fun in the army for a few years first?
Hantslad said:
The Met will alway be there, why not have some fun in the army for a few years first?
Thats good advice mate which you should take on board. Whatever (if) you decide on what to do in the army the experience, fun and stories to tell are irreplaceable.

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