Are you able to have a long lasting relationship in the RAC?

Ideally, I want to meet a man, and settle down and to be able go on operations and not have to worry about him being worried, if you know what I mean. I want to have a civil partnership with another man in the Army (preferably RAC too)
This WAH is becoming tedious


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Boring now. And it wasnt that interesting to start with.
CQMS said:
sa69er said:
Don't get involved in posting if your bored babe
This website contains some good information for you.

What a cracking website, CSI for beginers, must send it to all my friends in Bridgend
Until tonight I was never Homophobic, but I am now
Am sure you would like to watch his back
Can we have this chappese moved to the naafi MOD, at least there he might meet kindred spirits, or if not he will get a taste of real incoming :D :D


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