Are you a warrior?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by crabby, Jun 19, 2006.

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  1. I heard that about 5 times a day for 3 weeks, then 30 times in one day. It's a pile of toss. Are you a warrior? Will you risk the lives of all your men to drag back the body of a comrade? Have you been through "Warrior Forge"?

    Utter utter toss... it's trying to create a history and values... they are earnt and respected, not given out with medals to those who shout Hoooaaa the loudest...
  2. Sounds about right - I joined them on day 11.

    To be honest 3 1/2 weeks without beer, a bar, a pub or anything else that the army seems to thrive on had me shaking a bit.

    Whoever made that 1st list was pretty good, covered just about everything - apart from "don't be a mong"

    editted to add; mossie net does nothing when you're lying in prone and mossies are having a full english breakfast of your arrse. I had an itchy arrse for days in the field, not a square inch without a bite... little fatherlesses...
  3. So,..... (and I'm not in salacious, bintish, pervy, stalking mode) ...... you went on that!!! When? Where? Why? and were there any "good bits"?
  4. Wouldn't of minded doing that, if only for the novelty factor of experiencing military training from a US perspective. Sounds like it could be humouress for the first week, but then it would get depressing and maniacal... :(
  5. At the risk of drawing more flack than a Tonka over Saddam's sunbed

    I am a gash British Airman.
    I am a scruff and a member of A watch.
    I serve the brews unless I can jif the LAC.
    I will not be beaten by obsolete technology or lack of spares, this bloody Herc will fly.
    I am too bloody minded to admit defeat.
    I will never quit – unless it’s past 4:30pm –unless it’s another rush job for the blokes sausage-side.
    I will never leave Ginsters pie or Kit-Kat behind.
    I am undisciplined, physically and mentally soft, half-trained and haven’t got a war face.
    I always notionally know where my gun is, I may even clean it from time to time.
    I am an expert and I am a professional – and that annoys my boss, 'cos he can't do without us.
    I stand ready to complain about deploying, but will help the winged elite engage, and destroy the enemies of HRH Liz if asked nicely- fcuk them all, gollies/towel-heads/dagos to a man.
    I am a gate guardian at times, and it pisses me off.
    I am technically part of the British military, and therefore am not allowed to lose wars even if I’ve got a note.
    I am a gash British Airman.
  6. Exchange, did from day 11 onwards. Some bits were fun, playing with 155mms (towed), SAW (minimi), showing up useless yanks on their "squad stx" (I got all "exceeds") and generally a lot of the yanks out there were good kids. Some were arrses, but you get that anywhere.

    On the otherhand kadences etc had me thinking scouts camp... as did the weapon drills and obsession with hoooaaaing.

    Oh and theyere only away 5 weeks but spent the entire time writing letters and ringing home etc. My parents heard from me twice; first time I had a chest infection and was going in the CS chamber the next day (thinking back it wasn't best idea to tell them that). Think they all needed to grow up a bit.

    However RIP the one that was lost in Iraq in Febuary, he was one of the good ones
  7. Go post that on pprune, this is arrse :D
  8. Fair comment, but I was expecting a bigger slagging than that, come on Crabby - standards
  9. But good fun? On the whole, a recommendable experience, or utter to$$ you'd wished you'd never gone on? I'm assuming you were a cadet or similar when you went?
  10. OTC. Reasonably good fun. Got 4 days RR pi$$ up in vancouver and a week mountain trekking afterwards. 3 1/2 weeks with yanks is a bit trying tbh. Especially as I'd just done 2 weeks annual camp (with 20 yanks over on their bit of the exchange).

    Out of those of us that went out there we were generally of a much higher standard, I was in top 1/3 and had 1 year in OTC, all those yanks had about 3 years in ROTCs.

    Basically to all otcers out there (there is a thread in otc forum) yeah do it, good money, but don't expect pi$$ ups in the bar, cocktail parties, or senses of humour - you have to supply enough for the entire platoon
  11. Oh, is "standards" now a word in the US army dictionary? Wondered when that would happen. Did it come in with "morality" "massacre" and "just like vietnam"????

    Happier now?
  12. Yes, thanks, except I'm not a Septic - though I was part of the Berlin Inf brigade
  13. OTC being the Uni group, correct? Sounds like an experience, even if it was trying. And i believe you, i can't imagine being cooped up with unimaginative young americans for weeks, sounds like utter sh*te...
  14. You, of course, responded with:

    Yes I am a weekend soldier,
    and the world is scared of me,
    I've fought a million battles and
    I'm always home in time for tea.


    Apolgies to Billy