Are you a scrote? Dont worry, its okay....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by the_matelot, Apr 11, 2007.

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  4. The BNP are going to have a field day with this one...

  1. Nothing surprises me anymore to be honest. This government haven't got a bloody clue...

    From the Times.

  2. Sweet fcuking Jesus!!

    "It also advises teachers to take account of pupils’ race and culture when telling them off, suggesting that they go easy on those insubordinate youngsters for whom being “loud” or “overfamiliar” may be a cultural norm or “social style”.

    Social style being that they want to "Pop a cap yo ass Mo Fo!"
  3. The old system is fine.

    If they are good praise them, if they are bad punish them.

    If SWOT is good most of the time but is then bad they get punished.

    If SCROAT is bad most of the time but is then good they get praise.


    There is no requirement to take in to account the pupils ethnicity or background. If they find public humiliation so.... humiliating, they should strive not to repeat the experience.

    Not gob off about how they is black init. Or whatever other excuse they bring up for being lazy, idle, disruptive, ill-disciplined or what have you.

    And they can shove the prizes up their arrses!!!! What a fcuking i-pod for doing what you are supposed to?

    Bring back the house system, bring back the house points (to be vied for at every occaision). It certainly works in Harry Potter....

    And worked in my old school, a (not quite) inner city comp. Before it became too "old fashioned" and not hip enough.
  4. School tearaways are to be offered mountain bikes and iPods in return for good behaviour.

    In a government campaign against soaring indiscipline, teachers are being told to reward disruptive pupils with prizes and privileges.

    Badly-behaved youngsters must be praised five times as often as they are punished or criticised under guidelines unveiled by Education Secretary Alan Johnson.

    They can be offered prizes and privileges ranging from non-uniform days and extended breaktimes to CDs, cinema tickets, personal music players and state-of-the-art bicycles.

    Full Story

    Well that explains a lot about the way the UK's going. Be a toerag, get an iPod. Get taken hostage, get a new kebab salesman suit and a newspaper deal. Nice!

    Glad I got out!
  5. Nothing is going to change unless the goverment decides adults & anyone else can physicaly defend themselves.

    When will they wake up to Reality ? Probally only when of them has to stamd up to a mob of YOBS ! :roll: ehy !
  6. I have a revolutionary idea! Why not punish misbehaviour and reward good behaviour?

    A bit extreme I know.
  7. If they disrupt school lessons they get a prize, thhey get the day off.... It is called suspension.

    If they collect enough prizes they get the biggy. No mor skool 4 eva, her ra.

    That is called expulsion.

    Simple really.

    Somewhere someone said, that to bring up sons, a background in bringing up dogs really helped.

    Bring back cast iron discipline, and like little puppies do, they will learn their place in society. Give them grey areas, and they will meander along not knowing what to do. Like little puppies. Also they will be scared and frightened. Like little puppies.

    Maybe a few military style schools for the expelled may help.
  8. How about this idea, " K==b about in my class again sonny and i will knock your teeth down your neck, sure bring your dad down the school he can have some as well".
    That's what my Martial arts trained Geography teacher said, i got a good score in Geography. Mind you he wasn't talking to me, but it did make us concentrate.
    The History teacher who was a hardcore weightlifter, he just used to punch you, no warning. He got respect though. Ipod's yeah sure the school Bully is just going to take them off them.................
  9. I don't suppose You right on posters will believe me but this approach actually works. I've seen it work, I've used the same approach myself.

    It isn't bad behaviour that is rewarded, it is good behaviour. It was the ethos of a special school I worked at, one of discipline and reward. Behave well and You go up a ladder of rewards, behave badly and You lose the rewards and receive a punishment - but a punishment that fits the crime. So if a child uproots a plant in a fit of spite, You have him working in the potting shed for the next few days on His time off. The important thing is to go to the child as soon as He or She has calmed down and reinforce the reason for the sanction and give the child a way of coping with the negative feeling that caused Him to misbehave.

    No doubt You gainsayers will smirk but the school had some fantastic results, this in a previously mining area where parents weren't exactly backwards about coming forwards with their fists to punish their children
  10. I refer You, and the other posters, to this thread
  11. Oh God; he's a school master.
  12. Where does it all end, a PS3 for burning down the Gymnasium perhaps?
  13. Check the avatar

    Unemployed IT technician :D

    I was however, once a Residential Child Care Officer
  14. Check my post, plonker. Reward good behaviour and punish bad behaviour with appropriate sanctions. So burn down the gym - 10,000,000 press ups

  15. This special school Sven... were you a former pupil who was rewarded with a job for only setting two fires a month?