Are you a Pad Brat?

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by Hairy_Fairy, Jan 25, 2009.

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  1. I get the impression there's a few of us ex pad brats on the forum?

    Singapore 67-70
    Sennelager 70-73
    Hucklehoven (Wildenrath) 73-75
    Bordon 75-78
    Paderborn 78-79

    Kings school Gutersloh before going to Indefatigable (boarding school) for my last two years.

    My overriding memory is of the shit buckets that used to serve as buses for the 3 hours every day.

    I then joined myself - only did 5 years before I could submit any of my offspring to being a brat.
  2. Celle 59-63
    Camberley 63, 66-67
    Singapore 65
    SHAPE Paris 67
    SHAPE Belgium 67-69
    Hohne 69-71
    RSME Chatham 71-73
    Lulworth 73-75
    The Keep, Kingston 75-78

    At which point, for reasons that still elude me, I flew the coop & went for a soldier myself. I finally escaped from the khaki world forever in 1989.

    Was there ever really any hope for me?
  3. Some primary school im Blandford whose name I can't remember 1981 to 84, good to be at but a bit crap educational wise.
    Churchill school Verden, 1984 to 1987 absolutly brilliant pad-brats only school.
    Cooper school, Bicester 1987 to 1992 absolutly crap school with left wing teachers who didn't like the army much.
    Windsor school, JHQ 1992 to 1994 again absolutly brilliant pads brats only (mainly) school.
  4. Born in Munster went to various schools in Germany & NI & both my kids born in BAOR also. Vaguely remember one school in Bunde where I learned to fight. Great times
  5. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Saltau 68-74 (Old man at 7 Amd Bde)
    Bedale N Yorks 74-78 (oldman at 11 Sigs follwed by Jnr ldrs Oulton)
    Krefeld ( 16 Sigs) 78-80 Dalton Middle followed by Kent.
    Herford (7 Sigs )81-83
  6. Singapore 68-70
    Plymouth 70-71
    Arbroath 71-73
    Malta 73-75
    Lympstone 75-77
    Arbroath 77-81
  7. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    Old man with 41?
  8. Born Wegberg 63. Lived in Weeze not sure how long for, Dad was in RAF)
    Catterick (not sure of dates -left 66, Dad now in Royal Sigs at this point)
    Krefeld 66-69
    Singapore 69
    Catterick 70
    Soltau 70-74
    Wildenrath 74-77 (went to Kent School)
    Soest 77-79 (the last year I boarded at WBS Hamm)
    Blandford 79 ( for 2 months until my parents bought a house in Carlisle and we moved there, a heinous act for which they have still not been forgiven)

    We travelled to most of the schools in those wonderful tin cans.
  9. Hong Kong (born there) '76
    Worthy Down (near chalk hill somewhere)
    Bulford (Bulford CofE primary_
    Rheindahlen (lived Auckland Crescent?, went to St Georges school)
    Bielefeld '86 - '92 (Heepen estate - went to the primary school in Catterick Bks?, and then Kings School Gutersloh)
    Joined the Army in 1994
  10. You're two years older than me. I went to Merlin School in Wildenrath, lived off camp at a block of flats (hiring) in Hucklehoven - great times.

    Dad must have been 21 sigs? My old man was RCT attached to 669 AAC.
  11. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Hi mate who was your old man, I'll give my old boy a shout see if they knew each other at Soltau.
  12. Dad was Sgt in 21 Sigs(M Troop?),lived first at Gerderath and then moved to Harrier Way on camp.My mother taught at Merlin School from when it opened until we left in July 77.
  13. Is that the one that was in Anglesey?
  14. Everybody knew everybody at Soltau, it was just a small place, the school had 4 classes for the whole Primay years. We lived out at Reinsehlen first and then moved to Berliner Platz in Soltau. My Dad's name is Geoff Graham and he worked in the Sigs place opposite the Sgt's Mess.
  15. RAF Odiham 70-72
    RAF Locking 72-75
    AFCENT 75-78 - AFCENT International School
    RAF Locking 78-81 - Mead Vale School (Nr Weston Super Mare) then Rose Hill School, Wotten-Under-Edge
    RAF Wildenrath 81-83 - Rose Hill School
    RAF Finningley/Lindholm 83 until I joined the Army in 1988.

    Now my own son has been a Pad Brat most of his life, and he is to take his BARB on Friday next...

    (Yes - old man was a Crab)