Are you a miltary mum?


I'm an Assistant Producer with the BBC. I am looking to speak with soldiers who are also mothers. Following the release of the book 'My mummy is a soldier' we are keen to explore this topic for a documentary for BBC1.

If youwould be willing to have a chat with me about your story please email or reply to this thread.




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This being the Royal Navy thread I would suggest that Mum's who are sailors would have been better. Never mind, good research though.

With my MOD and serving officer head on:

Remember that there are Personal Security (PERSEC) issues in openly declaring yourself on national TV. Also you need to speak to the media ops people as there could be issues with what you say etc if it brings the Navy in to disrepute etc.

Having had the pleasure (Warship on Five production teams) and the displeasure (too many to list) of Media Industry types doing pieces on the military you need to be very careful and never ever assume they like you or want to do the best for you. They will not want a story of how wonderful it is and no issues ever occur. That does not make good TV.

If anyone is thinking of replying and wants to chat please PM me. I know several of the Media Ops team and can get you the right advice.

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