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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by rebel_007, Sep 25, 2006.

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  1. What exactly does a IS Engineers job entale do on a weekly basis. I maybe joining as one soon,

    i am 25 i have a HND and i dont wanna make the wrong choice

    (1) - as no 1 day is the same what might IS Engineers do on a weekly basis ? (i want to build up an idea of what i will be doing )

    1b what are the job prospects like if you left after 4 years ?

    (2) If we are sent on tour, how much direct combat should be expect to see? IS Engineer is not a Combat job but, what is the reality of the situation here.

    (3) how much do you recieve after year 1

    hope you can answer, thanks if you do.
  2. I could be wrong but, I think you have to speak with an Indian accent, ask the caller to re-boot and if the problem is still there? tell them they need to bye a new computer.
  3. Sounds like something even I could do with my BSc in Computer Science. After all, I can't get a civillian job as everyone wants 2 years minimum experience. Tell me - how exactly do I gewt that experience?!?!?
  4. I spend most of my time surfing tinternet and forwarding jokes to my mates.
    As for combat, i got into an arguement in tesco's the other day with a bloke who tried to get my parking space, i told him i can tell you.
  5. As someone who interviews alot of people appliying for IT jobs I can sympaphise with you. However an CS degree is worth nothing compareed to someone who has spent years in the IT trenches and knows their specialist area inside out. This is where the CS degree falls over a little. Whislt it does give you a good genral grounding in LOTS of IT areas it is not specific enough to gain you employemnt in any of them. I always put experience over qualifications. With to many paper pass MCSEs' et al out there it is the only way.
  6. Whats this com....bat to which you are referring. I have heard of a cricket bat.
  7. (2)I would be a regular squaddie if i joined the signals right ?

    does this mean that i we are sent to afganistan then we would be out there the taliban fighting as well.

    or say in Iraq if you are in the signals how close do you come to enemy, a systems engineer do they go on patrols or anything.
  8. hey rebel,

    a HND is probably slightly over qualified to start off with in blandford as the course is taught from the bottom up. however the experiance will come in very handy. A guy on my course had a HND and brezzed nearly all of the assesments, both practical and written.

    after around a year in trade you will be clearing 800 - 900 a month if your in the uk. you need to remember tho that this is after all of your tax NI food and rent for the month. so basicly £200 a week beer money!

    not been on tour yet so cant really help you out with that one, but id guess you would be seeing very little action and would be extremly unlucky if you did.

    depending on where you are posted to and what role you are given varies your week.

    i satarted out working on the regimental IS help desk under close supervision. this basicly intailed waiting for jobs to come in and loging them, and then doing them as they came. this was mainly on the white fleet (civilian) IS equipment within the regiment. after a few months i was sent on courses to enable me to work on the milatary kit we hold.

    after 4 years in service you should of hopefully reached Lcpl (however promotion is determind on merit bassis not on time served) on your 2nd unit and be getting ready for your class one course in blandford. pay will depend on your rank at this stage but it will be upwards of 1100 a month.

    hope this has helped you out
  9. Speedy. Even with 18+ years in IT doing everything from cabling to major systems development, having a piece of paper stands you in better stead then experience. Job hunting in IT is one of the most difficult to understand and as experience shows you need 5/6 diferent CVs dependent on what the recruitment agency deems as the "Best" format.

    Biased, me no just seriously hacked off an tired of agencies.


  10. yeah it really does help thankyou, this is the sort of answer that helps alot, because it gives some clues to what i may be doing. thanks. anymore insight is welcome.
  11. rebel_007

    we're on op herrick in afghanistan right now. our IS guy's work shifts to cover any faults, create accounts, maintain the system etc... im not an IS engr so cant tell u the ins and outs of it.

    our IS guy's have pretty much survived without leaving the camp once. they're pretty much on call most of the time and seem to be the bussiest along with the techs. they only time they go out on details is when we need to make up numbers.

    the signals are providing Force Protection on Op Herrick now. this is basically an Infantry role - Patrols, guard, escorts etc... There are no IS Engr's doing this, because, without any disrespect to other trades, they are needed for their job skills.

    so dont worry about going out and fighting the taliban! i pretty much guarentee you'll NEVER in your career be asked or ordered to do this. you can of course volunteer to get out on these details once in a while.

    hope this helps mate and good luck.
  12. Yeah thanks again, your answer is good thanks for answering my questions, it sounds like it does have an interesting side to it.

    I hope that i enjoy it, and i also hope that i can get a career out of it when i leave as well that pays some decent money.

    I am tempted to try for the Commando courses they have aswell.
  13. Rebel,
    Just remeber that you will need to build up your skin thickness now, as you will need a thick skin as an IS Eng. The Royal Corps of Signals has finally accepted the importance of IS, but it has taken a long time for this to sink in and there are some 'old and bold' who remain blinkered in the past by 'pure communications'. You will therefore get some stick, but you have probably gathered that from reading this forum.
    Go for it, and good luck.
  14. Come on gentlemen lets not make out we just sit on our arse all day, surfing ARRSE and forwarding jokes to our mates. There is much more to our work like collecting courses, copying porn drinking brews. Its not all fun and games but at the end of the week I feel I have earned my small salary. :p
  15. You forgot to add fixing the MT Sgt's laptop because he's scared if he takes it into PC world he'll end up in prison.