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Are you a Eurosceptic?


Book Reviewer
straight out of the national socialist playbook - trashing the website I suppose is less nasty than burning down the paper and sending the editor to the east.

more wasted money - do they not realise that this sort of thing goes against them? - probably not when you look at the bubble the likes of barroso live in.
if we get out of Europe we will end up with lots of out of work MEP's
And with to many MP's already the gravy train will hit the buffers!
We will be doomed.....doomed i tell you!!
The Telegraph are a bit slow on the uptake. The training for some of these Trolls has reached an advanced stage using their internet training ground right here on ARRSE :)

Its like Top Gun, but for Trolls.
Being's we don't have an Empire to support us anymore, I do get the feeling we need Europe more than Europe needs us.
Don't know, my commie union bully boys bosses haven' t dictated to me yet how i'm told to vote, thats because they are having their weekly union meeting in the Costa Brava.

Sceptic, moi?


Book Reviewer
If so you had better not call them Nazi's,Stazi,the thought police or any other nasty names.

EU to set up euro-election 'troll patrol' to tackle Eurosceptic surge - Telegraph
Is this the cyber version of shooting the messenger bringing bad news?

The alternative way of spending the money would be to run a series of focus groups to find out what the people of Europe actually want the EU to be and shape policy accordingly.

[Oops - the troll police will have me for thinking impure thoughts...]

While I'm at it then why, when ever I seem to meet a UKIP supporter their first concern is immigration not as I would've presumed the European Unions political and monetary policies?
At a guess, it's because they don't like foreigners and haven't got a clue about the rest of your question.
Get a good butcher, you can still get them, Mmm mmm nice.
Heh. A Euro-Rebel Butcher. Or a Metric Martyr:

Metric Martyrs > Home

TBH I couldn't give a 5lb 8oz Aylesbury Duck either way, but I do note that every, shall we say "popular" measure's metric replacement undercuts its Imperial counterpart in size - 100g is less than a Quarter (which was equal to 113g), 1/2 litre (500ml) less than a Pint (568ml), and so on, to the retailers advantage ('cos the prices don't drop). The Pound (weight) on the other hand, is 454g, so Sainsburys sell Bacon in 200g (meant to represent 1/2 lb) and 400g (1lb) to get round that and avoid not being able to rip us off. Who needs to be Euro Sceptic when you can get fucked up the arse by your own kind over Metric measure any day of the week. It's been the way ever since Black Jacks and Fruit Salads, previously 4 for 1d (they'd fucked the 1/2d off a couple of years prior), changed overnight into 4 for 1p, representing more than a doubling in price. Euro Sceptic? Fuck that. What about the home grown cunts?
Europeans are cunts. Fact. All they've done is punish us for two world wars. We can't do this, can't do that without their say so and they're quite happy to send every man and their dog over here so over there doesn't have scumbags.

I wish face cancer on them all. Except Burlesconi. I'd like to go to one of his parties.

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