Are you a CHAV??

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by spike7451, Apr 27, 2006.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Now we all hate these low life scum & believe eauthinasia at birth is the answer. So dare you take the test to see how chavvy you are!!
    My result told me I'm 15% chav :( 8O

    You have been warned! :lol:
  2. Oh my God, I'm 48% Chav!

    Most distressing.....
  3. You are 41% Chav

  4. 22% innit'

    word !
  5. 33% chav. Some of those questions are very dubious though!
  6. 15%...... OMG as bad as that, suicides my best option.
  7. 21% goddamn reebok classics
  8. 37% Chav.

    Nuff quizzes for dis home boi dis evenin'. Best ged out in see me bruv's. Laterz.

    Edit: Whats so wrong about Iceland?
  9. 41%, what the fcuk!

    I have played chess every day for the last 3 fcucking years FFS!

    Chavs can't even spell fcuking chess.

  10. 22%, worryingly

    47% posh though, which redeems it a bit
  11. You are 11% Chav

    This is your Chavs Test Badge - wear it with pride!

    Its a swizz!! i'm NOT a chav alrite mate! :eek:
  12. 33% chav, bollox

    Damn my days when i wore a footie shirt.
    and the kFC bucket, but i have a family! so its not so bad.
  13. According to that test, I am 63% chav. 8O

    I am also American. I can't help feeling like those two facts are related somehow.

    And 57% posh, too. How does that work?
  14. and the other 31%?....... CHAV :twisted: