Are Yanks arrogant?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Wag Tail, Mar 30, 2011.

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  1. Yanks won another war single handed then?

    I'm sat watching some day time shite on Discovery about skyscrappers (It's on in the background). It's obviously an american production but the presenter has just come on and said "This is in Kuwait where after American forces expelled the Iraqi Army and liberated the country in the first Gulf war..............".

    Now I was playing over in the Emerald Isle at the time and forgive me if I'm wrong, but didn't we and a few others nations also have some involvement in that little escapade? Is this the septics yet again rather arrogantly forgetting that they didn't quite do it all on thier own (the Hollywood film where the yanks capture the Enigma machine from a U-boat also springs to mind). Don't know why but it really pissed me off?
  2. Get over it and dry your eyes.
  3. Some of em definitely ,But tere is good and bad in all races
  4. I think you'll find if you read your British history said British history is most often referred as English, no matter the players. It's the way of the ignorant.
  5. Arrogant, possibly. Insular, certainly. This is what gives the American Citizen it's pride in the USA, as it really doesn't care about the rest of the world.

    Something the UK could learn from IMO. If the UK citizens have as much pride for the UK, as the Yanks have for the USA, the UK would be a different country.
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  6. Yes, next.
  7. of course they are.

    just as the british.
  8. American is a race? I was under the impression that it was a bit of a melting pot etnically speaking. Seemed that way when I visited New York, admittedly that was 12 years ago.

    Edited to add: Whoops silly me it was 13 years ago, but to be fair it ended with just short of 3 days of being violently ill as I was bounced across the Atlantic at 40+knots on average. So I think I've tried to blank it out. All Sea-Cats should be used as torpedo targets. Brian S**ton you bastard.
  9. I can actually smell your dripping quim from here.
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  10. Are you sure? Jarrod may have dropped his guts.......
  11. Can't smell spunk so it's definately not that grubby queer.
  12. Agreed, Mrs Target is a septic and she can not get over how much we put ourselves down. Although when i head out to the land of the fat, some of it is cringe worthy(as any one who has been to a NFL game can tell you) but i kind of like how arrogant they are. Nothing wrong with having pride of who you are. Not like here where every one lives in fear of flying your own flag incase the local rag heads take offence.
  13. take the batteries out of your vibrator put them back in the remote and turn over, or find some porn I hear theres a little bit on the internet
  14. TBF that U-boat movie is an action film and never tries to pass itself off as fact and text at the end of the film explains the timeline as it actually happened. The septics could always fire back that we took the piss with the film about the invention of the jet engine (i forget the name) We ignore them completely in that.

    I lived and worked in the states and found them to be polite friendly people who love their country. Having said that the US media treats its citizens like idiots and the news is bias to whichever party it supports (Fox being the worst).

    I would equate your average "USA saved the world in WWII" mongs to our own uneducated EDL supporting mongs. Everyones got its share of knobs.

    Yes they can be arrogant but they also invented some of the worlds dullest sports and drink piss weak beer so it all evens out doesnt it?
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  15. Yes but on the other hand I've met and am friends with some of the most friendly, helpful American people you could ever have the pleasure of meeting.....

    and again, I've met more arrogant Brits than i have Americans.
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