Are WO1 Conductors of the RLC the rank that have the highest proprotion of VCs

This thread drew my attention.

Two Conductors were awarded VCs in the Indian Mutiny. One of the awards, to John Buckley John Buckley (VC) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia was for blowing up the Ammunition store which he was defending rather than allow it to fall into the hands of the rebelling sepoys. (Does this mean that Suicide bombing is part of the Corps traditions of the RLC?)

There aren't many other people who have been awarded the VC while serving as a WO1. Does this add lustre to the seniority of the RLC's senior Warrent Offcers? Does the RLC posess the WO1s with the most heroic history?

There can't have been many Conductors in the British Army since 1855. Does this make the Conductor the rank and role awarded the highest number VCs in proportion to their numbers? The only other likely contender might be Chaplains, who, I think have three VCs. How many more chaplains have there been than Conductors?
Contents Conductor website

Have a look there. It may answer your questions.
Surgeons? Seems to have been quite a few of them awarded the VC.
Surgeon Captain Arthur Martin-Leake won it twice.
Not sure Captain Noel Chavasse qualifies as a surgeon, but he was a RAMC doctor - who also won it twice.

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