Are Wives subject to Mil law

After witnessing on several occations wives that start trouble at functions, and then tell the Ord Sgt/ Officer that you can't talk to me like that, or my husband is in the army not me. Then go on to say I'n not leaving, and stop picking on me. Would it be fair to say O.K. then we will take all your privilages off you, and go live some where that will cost double the amount you pay now. Take away B.F.G. tax free Fuel, Stop your free flights home, and your right to tax free goods. At the end of the day it is your husband that is in the army, but pull the same stunt in civie street and tell it to the police. You must be subject to some sort of law, and take some sort of responsibility.
I totally agree!!

Goes for wives who seem to think their husbands rank applies to them as well. You know the old,"Do you know who my husband is...?" routine.

As far as I understand, wives are subject to military law.  Once incident many years ago on duty I had to deal with a rabble making too much noise.  It was the wives who were making the trouble , not their husbands.  When told to keep the noise down this one 'posh' bird started.  If I knew I had the right, I would have jailed the bitch!!!

Snakes with tits they are....burn the witches!!!! :mad: :mad:
Did someone mention witches?!! Let me just park my broomstick and I'll be with you in a sec......... ;) ;D

I also believe they are subject to military law. Could that possibly be because they live on Crown property, or is it just easier to put them under military jurisdiction because of postings to Germany etc?

When I was a "wife of" (yup, one of those posh witches....) I don't recall getting a briefing as to my rights and responsibilities under military law. Perhaps this should be introduced so that wives are aware that Ord Sgts can instigate disciplinary action.

God, doesn't that produce some scary images though...

Perhaps this is a role the RMPs should be taking on, in a community bobby kind of way (more scary images....)
Firstly, I would like to appologise to Prodigal and any other law-abiding wives or ex wives.  I should have made the distinction in the original reply. :-[

I totaly agree in that wives should be educated on this matter.  It's not fair to punish the bloke if his wife gets out of hand.  I know of certain relationships where the wife wears the trousers and there is no way the long suffering husband can shut them up!!

Unfortunately, you can't even lock up the husbands anymore let alone their wives.  The lack of discipline caused by the PC Bde has eroded any respect for rank so we may as well leave them fighting in the gutter. ;)
Well done both, but a word to prodigal dose someone have to tell you how to behave in public, just because we are in a military enviroment does this give the unrulie right for some wife to think she is beond common sense and behave her self. I'm not saying that this dosn't happen in civie street, but then they get thier collar felt by the local bobby. Dose he have to pop around to give you your rights. :-/  :-X :-/
Another scary image - a bunch of unruly wives - what do you think the collective noun would be............a mess of unruly wives?! a Ron Hills of unruly wives, perhaps?!!

Victor, you are absolutely right, of course wives shouldn't have to be told how to behave!! What I meant was, perhaps it should be made clear to them, formally, at some point, that they are subject to military jurisdiction, that if they break military law they will be subject to due process by the Crown's nominated authorities. Then the poor old Ord Sgt who's sent to deal with them won't get "you can't touch me" thrown in his face.

Which raises an interesting prospect - I wonder if it is a matter of time before a wife tries taking the CO or whoever to court for denying her her rights, in some way, shape or form. Thinking about it, you could have all sorts of wildly interesting scenarios...... :eek:

But, hey, I am the first to feel a great deal of sympathy for Orderly Sgts and RMPs who are sent in to deal with 'domestics'.

A military doctor told me once that he saw, on average, 6 times more wife battering and child abuse amongst military personnel than was seen amongst civilians.

Anyone like to comment on that?
From memory of what my oldman has said (ex RMP provost marshall) wives are subject to military law and can be jailed - some one who has handy access to Queens Rules & regs will be able to confirm.  

I certainly know of a couple of cases with my old mob where they have been arrested and jailed (and mighty quick it shut them up to).  That's jocks for you though..hehehe

As to Alcohol abuse, battery etc yes there is a much higher incidence of this in the forces environment than in Civvie street, which can be put down to pressures of the job etc, but is in no way acceptable.  The unfortunate side effect of it is that these incidents often continue once the individuals have left the forces.

It is a sad fact that a significant % of the homeless are former services.
As far as I am aware, the previous post is correct. If you are serving overseas then a spouse is subject to certain aspects of military law as well as benefits such as health, schooling etc.

This does not apply in the UK.

As far as messes are concerned - a mess member is responsible for all guests he or she brings into the mess.


Wives subject to military law - isn't there something in SOBAGS which spells it out? Can't say I got a briefing either, when I went to Germany. However, just passing the BFG tick test and then signing the declaration that I'd read whichever subsection of SOBAGS it was gave me the impression that I'd better not do anything naughty.

Any volunteers to trawl through the whole tome?
I think that it all (mil law) needs to be explained clearly to wives when they marry someone in the army. I haven't got a clue about it and have never been told either. But isn't it common sense that you shouldn't behave like an idiot anyway?

What does really hack me off though ( and believe me it happens) is when this breed of "wife of" that you get (roughly translated - contolled by my husband or I don't have a life and I am the wife of) seems to feel that if her husband is above yours in rank, she then has the right to pull you up if you speak out of turn in anyway ie: ask questions that people don't have the answers to, or should I say have the balls to be an individual.

The crap we put up with from the army, all in the name of the love of a good man is one thing, something that is made clear to us at the start. But the crap from these "wife of witches" - nahh not acceptable at all.

If ever a law military or otherwise was needed it should be set in stone that: A wife is a wife and INDIVIDUAL, not a keeper, spy or mouthpiece. Besides I think it actually shows the husband up that his wife feels it necessary to display such a lack of identity....
Well said that woman!

Best story I've heard so far is a Div 1 wife (Staff College course - deemed to be 'better' than Div 2) telling the baby sitting circle that "The Div 1 wives are not happy about Div 2 wives looking after their children - can we have separate baby sitting arrangements please?"

Classic. Good job I wasn't part of the babysitting circle is all I can say......... :eek: ::) ;)
Best experience of that was in Tidworth at a mess do of my ex's a few years ago where the "wives" really did take on their husband's rank.  Nice for me though - "Don't you know who my husband is?" - "Yes love - same rank as me.  Anything else??"
Oh - how we laughed.

Cooked my dinner yet?  Fool.  Say something constructive or go and pretend you have some work to do, which normally involves the pub and your macho friends.  Keep taking your wife's money and spending it on hair gel - your hair is falling out anyway.

See ya!!

A superb post and I agree with all you say.

Subject to mil law when abroad is nothing special - in essence the same laws as the UK.
Surely the response to this question is to say in your loudest voice:

"Excuse me everyone, can we have a bit of hush, please?  There's a woman here who DOES NOT KNOW WHO HER HUSBAND IS.  Can anybody help her out?"  Not very original, I know, but it might work!
FOSMAN69 said:
I totally agree!!

Goes for wives who seem to think their husbands rank applies to them as well. You know the old,"Do you know who my husband is...?" routine.

As far as I understand, wives are subject to military law.  Once incident many years ago on duty I had to deal with a rabble making too much noise.  It was the wives who were making the trouble , not their husbands.  When told to keep the noise down this one 'posh' bird started.  If I knew I had the right, I would have jailed the bitch!!!

Snakes with tits they are....burn the witches!!!! :mad: :mad:

I'd just like to say, you're right, 'dependants' (which under law includes wives and children who are, well, dependant, on their parents) who live in Quarters, or who are simply ON military property are subject to Military Law according to the brief my Commissioning Course recieved from an ALS Major before we left Sandbags.

According to the ALS, serving officer and soldiers, spouses, and dependants are subject to military law (when living in married quarters and/or on military property). Also all Civilian's on a military establishment are subject to military law. So you could and should have jailed the bitch.
I'll keep it simple lads. Dependants (as per the above description) are subject to Mil Law when the Head of the Household is serving abroad, but they (the dependants) have to be in theatre at the time. Kids of soldiers, who no longer have dependant status are not, irrespective where they are (dependant status changes in various circumstances). No dependant is subject to Mil law in the UK. No civilian, whether at home or abroad, is subject to Mil law. UKBC's are subject to Mil law (i.e. Schoolteachers).

I would suggest that the ALS Officer in question takes another look at his reference materials. As a word of caution, don't employ him as your may find that he leaves you alone in one of Her Majesties hotels, with plenty of time on your hands to reminisce about happier times.
DS is right , In my day ( dam here we go pull up a sandbag!!!) I know when I had the sqn I used to get sick and tired of dealing with personal proplems of soldiers who's wives would not support there career's.

In my case I was very lucky Mrs Tigger helped me out immensley, she did believe in supporting me, (even though her own career was held back to a large extent to be able to support mine) the old adage is true, " behind every good soldier you will find a good wive" Mrs Tigger used to spend a lot of time trying to help new wives to the sqn, not all acccepted this help, most did and found when they entered into the spirit of things life was very good, some proplems were caused by inexperience, youth and naievity, with the right sqn (family) support these proplem were by and large overcome. Dealt with in house and succesfully.

Mrs Tigger now has risen to the top of the tree in her field since my retirement , it was my turn to support and follow her.

So c/s 30 is now a kept man and loving every minute of it cant spend what she earns fast enough !!!!! 8O
in the winter of 1995 at a DCM at Herford a pads wife was sentenced to 14 days detention for involvement in an attack on a servicewoman. As this was very close to xmas block leave it wasnt possible to find anywhere suitable to detain her and she ended up being confined to her quarter.

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