Are we, were we, all soldiers first.

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Holdfast, Jan 20, 2007.

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  1. I was speaking to my son (RM not RE) who is on R&R from Afghan at the moment and he was talking about how some Spr units allowed the troops to help with Sanger duties, when some didn't. (Not at Bastion)

    My question is:

    Is there a reason why the lads shouldn't help out with those types of duties, especially in the situation like there is in South Helmand Province. Especially when we are, were, told that we are Soldiers, first, RE second, Tradesman third.

    I could've added my comments to the B1 thread that is currently going on,
    however i didn't want to take that one off at a tangent.
  2. I was, Class one clerk, sect 2IC, G2 busy body, Phot.........Stag ON! It was fun too.
  3. would never let a tankie near a cbt engr task they may mistake the sandbags for oversized cornish pasties :thumleft: :thumright: :thumleft: :thumright:
  4. I was a combat engineer through and through so didnt bother me if I was tasked with infantry style work like I was on a couple of occasions in NI. But as you said Holdfast, soldier first, engineer second, tradesman third. :thumleft:
  5. Very funny Knocker, quite correct :thumright:

    However this time I'm taking a real situation. I'll PM you with the details and let you decide.
  6. Holdfast,

    When I was in Kandahar, there was an opportunity to go out to the Tarnak Farms ranges with the Canadian PRT patrols company, and fire LAW (66mm), M203s, GPMG's and HMG's. We were not allowed however, as it was too dangerous to leave the wire......... :frustrated:

    how embarrassing was that.
  7. Still depends on your trade they tell you its in that order but not to go over old ground again but, as a fitter they refuse to let me do my B1 Cbt Engineer.
  8. Thats the reason I didn't want to put this into the other thread. I'll PM you with some other details to see if I can make my point better. I still think with the "overstretch" that is out there that any help the Spr's can give the fighting units should be given.
  9. I suppose it depends on the operation and circumstances at the time.

    The REs tend to be in quite short supply. It may be that they were kept back from stagging on in Sangars in order to be available for short notice deployments to build safehouses, etc. RE knowledge and manpower can be seen as a theatre asset as much as a.. fks.. Wimmik.. etc.

    Purt em on stag and you've ultimately got to wait to find someone to cover that job before bugging the sapper out.
  10. I agree to that in part, but in this situation they were out at one of the Coy locations and static. And the point was why would some troops be allowed to stag on and when they are relieved the next troops don't.
  11. Well that just comes down to management at the end of the day. When we were there in the summer we were brought into the reg's stag routine and rightly so. Whenever engineer tasks came up we were immediately relieved by the reg guys who just took on more stags and vice versa. Whenever they went on patrols that didn't involve a lot of Cmbt Engr support we then took over. We all worked together wherever we were at especially given our relatively small numbers when broken down into the companies with them. They helped us out with man power on many a sandbagging task.
    All about the teamwork IMHO.
  12. if engineers are stagging on then something has gone wrong - far more important things to do REgardless of theatre.

    Sqn Bar, picnic tables, sun shelters, swimming pools etc etc.
  13. I think the recent Apache riding incident,in The 'Stan',shows that Sappers can still soldier.As other posters have suggested,letting the guys soldier,when their other skills are in such high demand,and their numbers are so low,is a decision for commanders.However,when it comes to it,Sappers can 'soldier' very well.
  14. No fcuk em. Im an ex grunt and you would never get thanked for it. Fcuk em the end of the day they choosed their trade. Planty first plantie second plantie third.
  15. Spot on answer, 9 sqn/ 59 would be expected to muck in and should be within every mans capability to do so regardless of trade/spec qual ect. In a war zone security and protection is everyones responsibility.