Are We Too Tolerant ..... The Big Question

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Jan 3, 2010.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Lads,keep it clean.

    They are asking 'Are We Too Tolerant Of Muslim Extremism?'

    All very the Muslims are the oppressed so far,Only one person got the root cause,ironically,he's a Nigerian Pastor, "Great Britain has got too PC,we are affraid to speak out in fear of offending minority's"
  2. Yes.
    The great multi-cultursim quest has left us in the position of being afraid to be proud of being British.
    Speaking out about the erosion of our culture and values is now a crime and is labeled as fascism.
    We are expected to absorb and appreciate cultures and values at odds with our own.
  3. Yes.

  4. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator


    I second jagman's comment about being afraid. Sad really....
  5. As soon as we speak out against anyone that is not white/straight, we are jumped on for being racist. :x

    The goverment dont say anything in case they are sued for hurt feeling.

    Another example of how we are an easy touch country.
  6. I like to watch the programme and it is a thought provoking show (occasionally)

    This first topic was a good one to talk about, if only Kelvin Mackenzie would keep his fcuking mouth shut long enough for someone else to get a word in.

    I think that we ARE too tolerant of extremists, and that is the fault of the Muslim population in general. Where is the moderate condemnation of extremists from the Muslim community? If they spoke out with a louder voice, the suspicion and intolerance would be abated. Having said that, the idiots like Choudhary are just attempting to fan the flames of discontent and the idiots in the EDL and BNP are just playing into his hands.

    The best point was made by the rabbi. Someone stated that the marginalisation of the Muslim community is leading to extremism. He retorted with the VERY well made point that there is a LOT of anti Semitism in the UK but you don't see Jews blowing up buses.....
  7. No.

    Personally I've never been afraid to speak out aout my origin or history or question the values of otheres. I've not been thrown in jail yet.
  8. Yes…

    Multiculturalism is a recipe for collective national suicide.
  9. The real tragedy of the multi-cultural quest is that we are losing our identity. That loss of identity is seen as something we are supposed to be proud of.
    The traditions and values of the United Kingdom are now almost viewed as a dirty little piece of history that we should be ashamed of. Somehow we owe the world an apology for everything, almost to the point of being ashamed of our own existence.
    I may be a bit of a dinosaur but I actually like the country that Britain was (until very recently), no it wasn't perfect and there has been a lot of injustice but it is my country and I am proud of the place it achieved in this world. Why we must now dismatle that I do not know.
    I do not want to absorb several million people of wildy different culture into my country, its not racist but I hapily accept I am hostile to other cultures being brought into my own country.

    There is little we can do to prevent it (at the moment at least) but I have started to modify my own habits in my own insignificant atempt to preserve my values.
    I will not buy or eat Halal meats, I buy British if remotely feasable, little things but princile is the only thing left to stand by.

    Unless there is meaningful change then in another decade this country will have changed beyond recognition. I would expect an awful lot of the indiginous population will have bailed out to the colonies.
    There are already millions of people within the UK who's values and ideals are radically at odds to our own, there is no political will (unless you count the fringe loonies like the BNP) to put an end to it.
    Without that political will the only options are to abandon the UK for Australia (etc) or violence on the streets. What the outcome will be I do not know but we are walking blindly into the demise of the Britain we have gron up in, all because we haven't the spine to say enough is enough.

    And on that note, now I have mentioned the bogeyman that is Griffin, I would imagine this thread as begun its decline and eventual descent to the hole.....
  10. But has it achieved anything?
    Is anyone listening to your desires?
  11. In some respects yes in others no. As with most things in life its just not black and white(no pun).
    Everyone wants to bullet point it, you can't life is just too complicated to say are we column A or column B theres a vast world of C's and D's to Z's and what is wrong with seeing someone else's viewpoint?
  12. I don't mind anyone else having a viewoint, I just fail to see why we should encourage the migration of cultures with values opposed to our own into this country.
    Many of the values and aspirations of Islam are directly at odds with my own, yet when I say I do not wish those cultures to be absorbed into my country I am rascist or fascist or whatever labl will be created next week.

    Islamic values are fine in an Islamic state where the majority decide those values suit them. They are not for the UK and they are not for me.
  13. No, we're too unwilling to make any effort ourselves. Assimilation is by definition a two-way street: for immigrants to be assimilated, the indigenes have to be willing to assimilate them, yet too many people seem to want assimilation as a pre-condition of having any dealings with incomers.

    Ghettos exist because we allow them to. Forcing integration means not just forcing the immigrants out of a ghetto but forcing the locals to take an immigrant into their community. Hands up who'll vote for that?

  14. To put this bluntly Smartas, I do not want to and will not assimilate with immigrants with values and culture at odds with my own.
    You can call that what you will but I have no desire or intention of modifying my beliefs or values to accomodate Islam or any other belief system.
    It is not my plce to change to accomodate those I do not wish to live alongside in the 1st place.
    If I wished to live in an Islamic environment I would move to Saudi Arabia.
    I do not want Saudi Arabia to expand its belief system into my country.
  15. Not me. Not ever.