Are we too reliant on America?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Cornish-WAFU, Apr 24, 2013.

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  1. Some references in there about our lack of aircraft carriers - are we not "working" with the frog navy and using theirs?
  2. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    America "protecting" us is a myth - they are the reason Britain has been involved in pointless wars for the last 10 years, they are the reason we have Muslim extremists bombing our cities - someone explain to me exactly how the **** they have "protected" us?

    If anything Britain has provided them with the fig leaf of political respectability and received **** all in return.

    Should they leave? Could it be done by next Tuesday if at all possible? Perhaps then there would be a sensible spend on the military in this country that does not require propping up of useless industry and providing jobs for useless people.
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  3. That's Britain's problem isn't it? Should've had the guts to say no..
  4. Sensible spend? do you mean reduced or increased spend?Surely if the military didnt join in on the iraq/afghanistan militray testing areas or partake in UWB (Uppity Wog Bashing) Ops we would be relegated to very few military ops and before long would be a simple home defence force?
  5. I cant see America covering any European nations back these days, they are looking at China and all the disputed Islands with interest.

    The U.K needs to reexamine its role in the world and is defense requirements. Island nation with a reliance on sea trade, interests globally that need support, I would be looking towards some form of Commonwealth alliance before any EU super alliance for defense.

    Sorry but I don't trust any EU country to come to our aid in a time of need if it did not suit the EUs purpose.
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  6. I fear the government may well be viewing more towards the home defence force, military spending is not a vote winner and especially after the last 10 years of iraq/afghanistan i think to get involved in other wars (standfast those triggered by a blatant action against the UK ala 9/11 or a miracle rise of argentina and reinvasion of falklands) will be a sure way to get voted out of power.
  7. The Yanks have spent fifty years providing the bulk of Europe's defence. They now have other priorities and are understandably sick of spending a fortune protecting Europe while getting nothing but open hostility from most of them.

    Either the UK looks to her own defence (unlikely), relies on Europe (suicidal if it's ever needed because most of them are in a worse state than us) or we accept our new place in the world even further from the top table of nations than ever.

    The last course is cheapest so clearly what will happen.

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  8. I would like to reply, but must consult my American adviser first.
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  9. Only 10 years.....time flies it does! More like 20.

    I was of the opinion we dont rely on them, I agree we supported them in the farce global war on terror and received the london bombings in return (not US fault) and Iraq (we didnt rely on them, we supported them - for which they probably only needed the political support).

    However, why didnt we (Europe) act first on the former Yogoslavia, it was in our own garden and perhaps without waiting for America to take a lead, we could have handled it? (No disrespect to our US allies).

    Similarly with Syria, Libya or Somalia or other places (except Mali) - we always wait for America to lead, Im not suprised that they are sick of us, in leading they become the aggressors and reap more terror/critisism whereas its the rest of us who sit there waiting for America.
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  10. To put the cat among the pigeons. Would a fall from the top table be the apocalypse some people think? Would we be better off with a home defence force and spending our money on improving our economy and infrastructure? Why get involved unless there is a clear threat to the UK - we have a ministry of DEFENCE not war so lets just do defence.It seems to me that New Zealand, Germany and the Nordic countries manage alright without a having the capability to do day one warfare, why should we bother? Who are we defending against the Russians?(wish i could find the yes minister clip about defending against the russians) Chinese? Terrorism- on home soil surely thats more of a policing/MI5 issue then a military one? and on foreign soil = not our problem
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  11. UK should tighten its connections with Europe instead of constantly being a (American) trojan horse.
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  12. Maybe Mr Blair should have led by example instead of this nonsense 'special relationship' but then were talking about spineless PM's.

    If he was in office we'd have gone into Syria a long time ago...the C...
  13. I may be getting on but I remember the Suez crisis when Britain and France went in and then got screwed over by the Americans and were forced into a very humiliating pull out. After this it was evident that the balance of power had well and truly shifted and what America said and wanted went.
    Now no European country gets involved without the nod from the good old USA or, is 'asked' to assist them in whatever it is they currently find is of major interest and concern to them.
    There is no "special relationship" never has been unless it is in American interests and for no other reason. Not a nice thing to realise but lets get real about our relationship with America.
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  14. What threat (apart from Terrorism) is Europe actually facing?

    Are we still expecting 3 Shock Army to invade?