Are we sanctimonious, whining would-be Soldiers??

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by dui-lai, Apr 20, 2005.

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  1. Of course they are!

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  2. Some of them are possibly?

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  3. Only a few are?

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  4. Professionals who do a shiity job and are undervalued!

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  5. Dui-Lai and Foxy are whining old gits, who should be wheeled off to Chelsea

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  1. So someone (wonder who that could be-eh :roll: ) views all who post here as whining, miscreants who should shut up or put up :roll:

    What do you think? Even you who view but never post here, what do you think? Are we?
  2. DL, :D
    Come on, this was just too good a nibble to turn my nose up at. Of course you are bunch of whining would be, but you are so far up are own arrses and full of our own self importance to even look like, soldiers. While I know you do your best most of the “Professionally Qualified” amongst you are in the army because
    a. Your so bad at your job that you couldn’t get a job in civvie street, even in the NHS..
    b. Bone idle and are happy for the rest of the Army to take the piss out of you while being paid for it.
    As for the two who voted for the “do a shitty job and are undervalued” Well, I wonder who those two could be????
    By the way, I voted for you and Mr Fox to be sent to Chelsea. Why didn’t my vote show? :x
  3. Lunchy youre a prick.
    I voted for the Chelsea option!
  4. Tell us what you think Foxy!

    However thanks for nailing your colours to the flag pole Lunchy. I put this thread together as bait to show your true views on us. Thanks for answering so candidly.

    The NHS, thanks to the misguided use of MDHUs, now appreciate us for our experience and multi-discipline skills. They view us as "value for money" and often intice professionally qualified RAMC/QARANC to leave and be employed within their ranks. Thanks to Agenda for Change, this is becoming a reality :evil:

    As for the private sector, put mildly, they love us :twisted:

    I am usually quite busy due to the bad staffing levels of my CEG, 60% undermanned :roll: and I am pragmatic, and so welcome good natured banter about us from the "big" Army. I do object to unsubstanciated Vitriol and slander from uninformed parties who obviously have an issue with the AMS.

    Not me old Chap, I want Chelsea..... :twisted:
  5. thatll be our places reserved then! :D
  6. Christ guys, I thought you already were in Chelsea. Thats the impression I get from all your 'things were better in my day' and 'Do you remember QEMH' Comments! Obviously I now realise that you are just practising for when you are REAL old gits. :twisted:

    I don't have a coat its too warm out here. :lol:
  7. Pass the snuff!
  8. Can't you go and shine your head or something :wink:
  9. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    The Hospital is full up to 2045 and I have booked my place! Second cell on the left by the bar. Cant wait to start fleecing Yanks down Sloane Square, telling them a war story for a Port and Stella. Oh and pretending to be deaf!
  10. You are, clearly, a mong. To be known from this post onward as - 'Mong boy', 'that f*cking mong' or simply 'mong'. Take your pick, you've earned it.
  11. I love you Invictus :wink:
  12. me too and if youre at the P&P Ill buy you a drink (cheapest one obviously) if not then its my round first on day one at Chelsea.
  13. Lunchy, I don't want to sound arrogant or professionally qualified but its
    "TOO MUCH IS NEVER ENOUGH" not TO much - buy a book and learn English.
  14. No lets not pretend that we are clever, anyway none of us would buy a book when it can be proffed from the hospital library
  15. Of course they whine - who wouldn't.
    Is it banter - I think so.
    Are some Arrse members incapable of understanding this - yes.
    Do the grown ups value them - probably not.
    Have they earned the right to whine - yes.
    Seen lots of pics of round marks on red-x vehicles to know that whilst they may not all be infantry gods, they have earned the right to wear their not unsubstantial medals with pride.
    D-L and F-F swing the lamp, so what, but read between the lines, that is if you can read. I have taken away an awful lot of their gripes and done things about them. No I don't know or work with them but some of my troops are having a better time for me sifting their views.
    IMHO the 95% huff and puff leaving 5% food for thought makes Arrse a must read for those who can or want to make a difference.
    Crack on I say.