Are we ready for a sneak attack by.........

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by LordVonHarley, Aug 27, 2007.

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  1. Zombies!
    I watched the remake of Night of the Living Dead last night.
    It got me thinking, is UK plc ready for a supernatural attack by zombies? I think not, the Yank films every fecker has a fire arm stashed away for a rainy day and more ammunition than you can shake a shitty stick at. Compare that to 28 Days Later where the hero's only hand machette and a baseball bat to fend off hoards of living zombies that wanted to rip them to bits, I mean for feck sake I bet the Heroin would let you bum her for the use of your chainsaw! :D :D :D

    The living zombies in 28 days later were fast moving killers unlike the gay septic slow moving knuckle head zombies, just some thing to think about, and yes I'm very bored :D :(

    Where would you hole up for a Zombie attack?
    What would you arm yourself with?
  2. idiot everyone knows there where no zombies in 28 days later they where "infected" and very much alive.
  3. They are coming to get you Barbera!!

    Zombies (or the walking dead as they like to called)
    Act on instinct rather than thoughts depending on the type would depend on the survival rate of the population, if they are the faster 28 days later type then the majority are fooked and like you say in a country with little available firearms the edged weapon would be suitable, though this means close quarter fighting with the undead.
    I am yet to be convinced about the climbing skills so im guessing somewere high up or with a great big fricking fence, im guessing most will flock towards schools or other high walled enclosures.
    I believe we would as a nation be fcuked.

  4. Good point, that's why I called them Living Zombies, they might not be dead but they still want to bite you .... and not in a good way.
  5. I like the sequence at the start of Shaun Of The Dead, when he draws the parallel between shuffling zombies and yer averaged hooded scrote.

    The undead already walk among us, for undead read brain-dead.
  6. Or even a castle? big walls and most are open to the public and have displays of Ye olde weapons - swords. pikes, etc.

    Are the Zombies more likely to be man made or demonic? If demonic then time would be a good idea to befriend the local priest :D
  7. Did that years ago, couldn't sit down for a week
  8. I think If the sh!t was going to hit the fan with the zombies, I would have to go for sword as a side arm and a nice compound bow and a stack of arrows. Or better still hope It happens when on a day on the range.

  9. Excuse me - I was an altar boy :twisted: I wish I hadn't admitted to that.

    On a more serious side - if the Gobmint has not secreted away a stashes of:

    Silver Bullets.
    Holy Water.
    Loads of randy women (seige situations you understand!)

    then they are clealy failing in their duty to this country.
  10. Cricket bats seem to do the trick, pity no one in Great Britain can use one :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :p :p
  11. Is that the same as a possible dalek invasion? If so, all those disabled ramps were a really bad idea.
  12. It really depends on the strain of zombie, and how long you would expect there to go before they died again.

    For example, in 'Dawn of the Dead' (both versions) it's only the recently dead who come back to life and go in search of hunan flesh to devour, whereas in 'Zombie Flesheaters' (an eighties classic), the dead of past centuries are just as active (and hungry) as the more modern zombies.

    Personally I'd go somewhere high, perhaps a water tower, and take lots of canned goods, my rifle, and my porn collection.

  13. Gents

    Blame the likes of Michael Ryan cos through his actions he managed to get pump action and semi auto shotguns taken out of the toyshop.

    Zombies seem to have an issue with shotguns..... well they do in Quake..

    I'll get my coat :oops:
  14. I have often wondered what I'd do if zombies attacked... which I'm starting to get worried about.
    What if the zombies mutated and so did animals, like they do in resident evil? Then we would all be buggered for sure.
    If they did attack what I'd do would depend on time really, If I plenty of time I'd drive somewhere like a water tower, if I didn't have time, like they were all in the street I may either go for the GTA tactic of running them over or I'd lock myself in the attack with my japanese swords with the fridge, freezer and all the food out of the cupboards.
  15. I think you guys have missed a trick!

    The safest place to be clearly is in the ocean. Get a a luxury boat with fishing gear and some harpoons, and you are in business.

    Just get on land every month or so to stock up on greens!