I think the Army is failing to select and promote the right kind of people these days.  Although I maintain there are some of the best people around still in the army it seems to me that the brown nosers and nerdy academics are selected for command in many cases over and above good blokes who would if given the chance command effectively and give a shit about their men.  It seems the Army has forgotten that Officers need to have the respect of their men, and that they have to earn it by strong leadership, good decision making but in my estimation empathy for the soldier and his lot in life is key - NOT attempting to give your boss a ring dobie!!  God help us - where has all the fun gone.  Piss off you peacetime hampton smokers and bring back the people with a bit of backbone.  Arghh off me chest now - just don't tell my boss he'll write me down!!


I'm afraid that it would appear true to get on these days in the army you must be able to say yes a lot and have a good career laugh...anyone who (god forbid) stands up for themselves wont get on to well this is not just and officer level it goes all the way down some WO1's need to remember where they started


I agree whole heartedly. Far too many yes men. Cpls dont wanna be Sgts anymore they wanna be WOs and Sgts dont wanna be WOs they wanna be Captains. Unortunately WOs dont see Commission as a bonus anymore but want a second career in a new mess and very much forget their roots.
Its not just the brown nose crew that get the promos if you can play football or run very fast you get made up over people who can actually do their job and have put most of their life into the Army too.


There are a lot of things going wrong!
If a young Cpl sees a sergeant being treated like an idiot (whether he is one or not) than his incentive for promotion evaporates almost instantly.
I have seen a WO1 RSM get told to "wind his neck in" when he wanted to arrange a posting near to his home town for his last few years, after commisioning.........He was told this by a 25 year old civvie sitting behind a desk in Glasgow.
A civvie who probably has not even met a soldier, but sees fit to treat a man who was in Baghdad while he was in his dads a nobody.
He  probably got the job because daddy knows major so and for the boys etc!
Where is the incentive for promotion when we are being run by civvies who do for military administration what cyril smith does for hand gliding...NOWT
Bin the civvies, and "friends OF..."
Nepatism should have no place in the forces (wish i had a spell checker)
A balance needs to be struck between the intellectual and the charismatic soldiers.....ring dhobie technicians need not reply
bin the bloody civvies!

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Sadly the answer to the question "are we promoting the right people" has to be NO. Firstly we are not correctly training our recruits at ATR's due to (pink fluffy approach) and funding. Secondly it is a terrible numbers game. To explain my Sqn were down 5 LCpls and amazingly records selected 5 of my Ptes on the promotion board ?? Really happy for them and always glad to see a crate or two being bought. Sadly 3 of the 5 in my opinion were not ready for promotion and wouldnt be for 12 to 24 months> SAD BUT TRUE.


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To explain my Sqn were down 5 LCpls and amazingly records selected 5 of my Ptes on the promotion board.
That's the key phrase right there. Records slected Lance Corporals. In the good old days, a CO would have had discretion to promote - in my experience to Corporal - as he chose and thus would make a more informed decision than a bunch of bored Majors on a jolly in Glasgow.

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Glad that is exactly the way it used to be and it worked fine except for CO's drivers ?


yes the civvies seem to forget they work for us and not the other way round leave promotion to the Army and the CO's who know their soldiers
Are you a free man of the full age of 21 years?

What is the predominant wish of your heart?

Can you recognise Boaz?

If you can answer these questions and some others.......then lack of ability should be no hinderence to!


Hope that was a wind up Ma-sonic. :)

Otherwise bollox that's not what it's all about. :-X :mad:


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I think the Army is failing to select and promote the right kind of people these days.
Good point this. The only way in my view is to see how people do on operations. Yes.. there are cries of yes men and brown nosing . .but people must be, and in most cases are, measured on their achievements. Promotion boards do take account of how people perform on operations and weight scores accordingly.

I would like to think that in most cases we get it right otherwise as an Army we wouldn't be so good as we are on operations. Yes.. sometime the system gets it wrong but more often than not, the individuals concerned get found out quite quickly. At least by their peers !

A good title this for junior officer or CLM essays perhaps ?


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OK how about another approach. Do we want leaders or managers as they are quite different ? I suggest the former - leaders. Though for some admninstrative jobs managers would be quite adequate.

Some pundits think that those with Emotional Intelligence (EI) are promoted quicker. The components of EI are motivation, decisiveness, sensitivity, influence, self awareness, conscientiousness and emotional resilience.

Develop these qualities and it could be your roadmap to success !!  ;)


"Do we want leaders or managers as they are quite different ?"

I'd like a leader who can manage as well.  Leadership alone is not enough. If your boss can't manage, you'll be in the wrong place with the wrong kit at the wrong time.
Even if he could lead, you wouldn't get the job done.  

There are some knobbers who get promoted, but there are some good lads too (Guess who just got selected ;D )


Are we promoting the right people?

Who knows?  As far as I can remember it's always been like this but we always seem to be able to function anyhow.  This leads me to conclude that we must get most of it right most of the time and just think that it's all s***.  Or we get it all wrong and are just bloody lucky.

Shame us

I was recently promoted, so they can't be doing everything wrong...

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