Are we not worth more?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Englishspringer, Feb 26, 2005.

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  1. Am I alone in thinking the Army is worth more than a measley 3%? I believe the AFPRB compare like for like when considering what we are worth but how many civilian VMs, telecom engineers, LGV drivers, policemen (could go on but won't) etc are forced to live in crap accommodation , in countries they have not willingly put themselves, in extremely hostile environments, be forced to act as strike breaking labour, and be continuously seperated from family, friends and loved ones?
  2. I think an important point to note here is that we all go into this life with our eyes open. There are no check boxes on the application forms detailing what your willing to do and what your not. You sign up for the full deal or nothing.

    Every public service thinks they are worth more. Fireshirkers for instance and nurses (who definately deserve more than they get).

    I dont think our wages are that bad comparitively (my mum has been a nurse for almost 35 years, and earns about the same as me after 14), but i do think a larger pay rise this year would have sent a message of thanks for the level of work being put in by all ranks across the forces.

  3. I agree with B_m though I wish the UK government would adopt the US forces system of not deducting income tax from service personnel while they are on active service (for US members read combat). Such a system plus combat pay/LOA would go a long way towards showing appreciation for our servicemen and women "While on active service." Charging personnel for food and accomodation in peace time locations should, in my opinion, be abolished.
  4. After reading the report I was under the impression that they were told not to recommend a too big a rise as there was no money in the defence budget. I think they probably thought we deserved more but we were never going to get more.

    But lets face it, the government are more concerned about ensuring that MP's have a decent pension rather than giving us what we deserve.
  5. Police got 3%. When Utility bills when up by nearly 20% - House prices still on the UP.