Are we losing the traditional Christmas Nativity in schools.

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Active_Edge_841, Oct 18, 2006.

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  1. I have just found out that my Daughters school nativity this Christmas will be 'Shrek' of all things. Which makes this a play in reality & not a nativty at all. Is it me being a traditionalist, or is this a rather strange performance at Christmastime within a Primary School?

    Whatever happened to the birth of Christ being portrayed, with some young tot clasping a doll pretending to be Mary, along with all the other delightful things that would put a lump in any parents throat? Don't get me wrong, I'm not some bible bashing fanatic, however I think that it is nice to educate young children about what the true meaning of Christmas is.

    A friend is on the Schools Board of Governors, I therefore asked him if he knew why all of a sudden the school has decided to adopt a Non Christian approach to this years nativity/play. He wasn't 100% certain why there had been this sudden change, however he believes that it is connected with a recent addition to the school, this being a handful of non Christian children. Before I forget, in previous years the school has held the traditional type of nativity.

    So my question is this; is it fair to deprive 95% of Primary School age children, a traditional nativity based on the assumption that it 'Might' upset 5% of non Christians?

    Before anyone starts jumping on their soapbox & shouting "Burn the racist!" at me!

    This is not an attack the ethnic minorities thread.

    This is the, are we losing the traditional Christmas Nativity in schools thread.
  2. i feel that eventually 'nativity plays' will be binned as the growing amount of ethnic groups in our society increasing, and the whole 'equality' thing will lead to peope throwing paddies if there child is asian or whatever and cant join in.
    a lot of schools in certain areas of the country are being filled with asians now so it is inevitable.
    There arent too many people who are that fussed about christianity anymore anyway.
  3. I remember my son being in his first nativity play at primary school and I have to admit that it was very sweet to watch. Although we are not particulary religious it is one of those traditions I think that should be keep up. As for people from different cultures then surely if they want to be integrated into our society then they should accept that the UK is a christian country. I'm not saying that they should not pratice their religion but shouldn't object to people wanting to be christians.
  4. How about if the non Christians who do not want to take part just don't take part?

    They can of course come along and watch, and if there are enough of them then the school can put on a (insert religion of choice) play/festival for them at the proper time in the calander.

    Then the christian families can CHOOSE whether to turn up and watch that.

    Why does the wishes of the minority always have to take precedence over the wishes of the majority?

    Time for the silent majority to stop being silent IMO..
  5. we will if people let this kind of humanist initiative thrive. If you want a traditional nativity play, ask yourself why? Is it because it makes you feel warm and fuzzy and reminds you of your youth? Or is it because you believe that christmas is a festival of celebration of the birth of our saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ and should be celebrated as such?

    When you have decided which it is that most reflects your feelings and beliefs, then get weighed in as appropriate or sit back and enjoy the tinies doing Shrek. Incidentally there may be a wee copyright issue with that...
  6. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    My brother-in-law lives in Joburg. Every year his children had a nativity play, and every year it recognised another religion. Not once did it recognise Christianity.


  7. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Nothing quite as potent as white guilt.
  8. Nativity (OED): "The festival of Christ's birth".

    So they celebrated Christ's birth but didn't recognise Christianity.


  9. South Park did an amazing episode on this very subject.
  10. excellent point. Christianity is a crock of crap.
    And what right does a school have to force this crap onto non christian pupils?