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Are we going to see riots this summer ?

The disagree is because a bit of civility often prevents a situation escalating and also gives a fraction of a second more for the suspect to consider their position. @tearsbeforebedtime said, it seems that is the procedure in the US:

Sure sometimes it stops the situation from escalating and gives the driver time to reflect. My experience though is quite the opposite because most drivers I have encountered have a victim mentality and that the cop is only stopping them to reach quotas for giving out tickets or some other reason.

Now I'm not going to speak for Police in other States over here or Police in other countries, but I'll say here and now that we never had quotas to reach for the issuing of tickets. If I ever stopped a vehicle it was because a law was broken by the driver.

They usually get gobby after you return from running their plates and licence and insurance, the only reflecting they have done is when they've realised that not only are the going to get penalty points but they are going to have to pay the cost of the ticket and the cost of rising insurance premiums.
You would have also thought she should not be stealing alcohol while pregnant .
Third kid at 21. Great .
Also seen a few mentions that her granny had a restraining order against her .
Seems like a nice girl .

I feel sorry for the unborn child. No kid can choose it's mother.

No sympathy for her. As the Cousins themselves say, "play stupid games, win stupid prizes".
I feel sorry for the unborn child. No kid can choose it's mother.

No sympathy for her. As the Cousins themselves say, "play stupid games, win stupid prizes".

I was thinking back a little earlier to the traffic stops I made over the years and it struck me that the most gobby of those stopped that gave Officers a hard time were female drivers. For the most part guys just kept quiet, answered any questions and accepted the ticket.
The only time I've seen armed coppers in the flesh is when they're in the store buying their lunch. I've been stopped and questioned by unarmed coppers a couple of times. Mainly because I'm a big, ugly bugger who's defualt expression, even when happy, is a Death Glare that makes me look like a serial killer who's just realized he left his knife at home.

On those occassions I've been polite, answered all questions and been sent on my way after a few minutes. Coppers are human; if you treat them with basic courtesy, most of them will return the favour.
That's it! All you need do is comply and unless it's something that's constitutes and arrest being made, you'll either get a warning or a ticket and be on your way.

To the people who used to whine about getting a ticket my reply was always the same, you don't want a ticket obey the speed limit. Hell we used to, and the guys today still do, give drivers up to 5MPH leeway over the speed limit.

As I get older I have found that it is much more relaxing, much less stressful to drive at the speed limit (or below if the conditions merit it). I set my cruise control to the speed limit, (my car has advanced cruise control which automatically slows the car if I get too close to another vehicle in front). How many times have I been tailgated or had morons pass me at stupidly high speeds? Innumerable.

The problem is, in the UK there are barely any traffic police, and everyone knows where the fixed cameras are. So the speeding driver slams on the brakes just before they get to the camera, then put the hammer down once they have passed it. I'll just continue at the speed limit and then catch them up at the next traffic lights, or truck, or tractor.
2 officers are breaking into a car with an inflatable bag, radio bleeps -

both walk across to her car,

after being asked a number of times to get out of the car, she try's to slowly drive away & gets a bullet in the face -

video from office who goes to the drivers window (won't auto start t 66 seconds)

play stupid games win stupid prizes ?

Looks more like he fired accidentally when the car hits him.